posted on June 14, 2006 at 5:45 pm

its wednesday evening here fiendss
only one more whole day to go
before i say goodbye to the twillies
and head off on that long nervewracking flight home
cathay pacific stopover in hong kong
will blogg to ya from there
free internet at the airport
today i wake up n feel bad
cant even muster the enthusiasm to do my chi n yoga
which mighta fixxed me up if i coulda
but it wasnt happning
sometimes you dial the universe
but you get the old “this page cannot be displayed” routine
normally i’d push on thru
but today it wasnt occurring
i ring up martin k
and we meet up at slussen (the sluice gates)
and elektra jk and her friend julia join us
and we take a quaint little train to saltsjobaden
the salt lake baths
what a lovely trainride past cottages villages rivers n lakes
eventually we arrive in this amazing place
these old baths built on a lake that has exactly the same
salt ratio as yer eyes
its really nice to open them under water
theres a mens side nude
a ladies side nude
and a family middle not nude
hardly anyone there
the water is about 13 or 14 degrees
ah just what i been waiting for
some cold clear clean water
i swim about a bit
the others reluctantly have a paddle
but i m really used to it cold from the ‘bergs pool
then for some inexplicable reason
they close down the sauna
and blow me down if i cant get warm for the rest o the day
they close down the cafe as well
gee it aint my day
but we find a great little place
and i have salad n beetroot gazpacho
remember you can beat an egg
but you cant beat a root…
and get this
a glass of orange juice costs 9 aus$
jesus how do the swedes afford it
come back into town
i have to go straight back to bed to get warm
im shiverin’ n shakin’
then me n minna have din dins at chutney
a nice veg restaurant jus’ round yon corner
and we have a walk n a talk
she tells me her friends think im snygg
hey that aint badde being snygg at almost fifty bloody two
but it seems doubtful minna shares her friends opinion
and she already regrets telling me
as she sees it going straight to my vain olde ego
“oh, sk, yer still a handsome man…!”
anyway thats about it
back at markus s place
which has somebodies internet if yer in the right room
so im piggybacking on someone elses broadband
which always tickles me fancy
dontcha jus’ love a freebie, fiendss?
soon im gonna rip my friends voluminous cd collection into
my eye tunes
and eye podd
and hey presto
i can listen to all kindsa stuff anywhere
i must say it changes yer listnin’ habits a bit
i seem to be jumping from song to song
rather than listnin’ to whole records
is this a badde thing, fiendss
current faves getting a caning in the cans
romeo n juliet by dire straits
look, i just love that song ok?
juliet, when we made love you used to cry
i love you like the stars above you
i’ll love you till i day
theres a place for us…

memory motel by the rolling bones
which ive taken to playing a bit solo
always loved this one
maybe my fave ever stones song
(and thats sayin’ a bit)
(and billy preston died too, rip)
my nerves are shot already
the road aint hardly smooth
croons micky jagged
and i empathise

underground lovers eastside stories
when you go you go go
talking to a fucking dago
go gb
lotta energy in this one
and another mention of
theres a place for us
(from west side story…a movie i love)

dreambrother by jeff buckley
the wind in her butterscotch hair
why lord why
did ya take jeffrey from us so soon
and leave so many other idiots still out there making
rotten records
this guy haddit all in spades
the looks
the voice
the songs
couldnt believe how good it was when i first heard it
and always guarantees pleasure listnin to grace

mimesis of course
hello…im tryin’ to place a call to australia
(asian womans voice) yes yes which room
uh um im in room 13 on the 13th floor
jesus polinski n the bouys cook up n ambient storm on this one
and that olde sk….blah blah blah
yeah fiendss ya gonna have to wait a bit
i guess a few more munths before this masterpeace
hits the olde market
if ya like sks spoken n crooning words
if ya like long winding weird beautiful songs
then yer got the right address here
not everybodies cuppa tea
the shortest track is about 10 minutes
but plenty to keep ya occupied if you like
this kinda thing

of course a bit of t rex
20th century boy
still exciting me in all its silliness
all these years later
friends say its fine
friends say its good…
rock on boppin’ elf
i’ll be listnin to yer goode records till i die
and avoiding yer bad ones like the plague too
a glaring example of how cocaine can strip yer talent
outta yer soul and leave ya useless
but , marc, yer best is the best
beard of stars( yes raw ramp, one of mah faves)

um well
i guess thats about it for this washed up olde rocker
think i better check me emails n see
if i can get a bitta yoga in
its started to get cool again here in stockholm
and its raining gently
mark lanegan playing in the background
quite enjoying it actually
also heard greg dullies new one twilight singers last nite
very impressed
so thats it
a nice break from all the effing soul searching stuff
here on this bloggy lately
thanks for tuning in
see ya 2morrow for the final swedish broadcast
my last day with the twills until ?
excited to see doodles n the bouncer
who can do lotsa new tricks…
shes trying to crawl and aurora says
look mom, shes doing the dog pose
(mom spelt mom and not mum cossa her jimmy stewart accent!)
and gotta get some lil gifts too, i guess
very sorry to be leaving twills n sweden (again)
but just like that song
im cut in two
love reign o’er me n you fiendish ones
stevie boy

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