posted on January 22, 2012 at 9:58 pm

infra red ultra marine


the blinds are busted

they knock against the sills in the breezes

well i went and waited for you  by the steps

where the fishermen and pelicans stand on the rocks

the sea wholly mackerel and whiting it out

descending in whirling schools like japanese waves

the swirling waters eddy and spasm

the clouds come right down and threaten

and a chill blows across the droplets of sweat

the green neon bar is pulsating thru bleary window

down by the sea shore i still hear its muffled beat

i exist by cockle shell and rock pool glow

a solitary black point in the faint light

me and some dog that followed me here

in the darkness i cant quite tell what it is

i hear it breathe in the foggy brain night

i see its shapes as it slinking along

the night has its names

but all mixed up all of them strange

the night reminds me of some subservient courtier

eager to please and swift nonetheless

already eleven o’clock

you check the screen for verication

scrolling down the lists of your lives

auditioning your various voices

you move within one frame to another

now youre one thing

now youre other

little fish

in the river

live a long life!





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