posted on December 21, 2006 at 9:20 pm

*probably not
the number of comments is way down
(tho nice to have the queen back…i was wurried bout ya!)
is this the xmas slump?
people im a jealous god n i need those comments…
otherwise am i just talking into the void…?
hello….is there anybody out there?
i love my regular people
you know who y’all are
rest-a-rant marko, anthony cee
richard mc healthy n good wife
little eeky, who is very naughty
decking the halls etc
bonnie bon
the wilde one from nz who is no carpet
cagey ole pagey
the manne with the mission
johnny “gee” garrotted
bri-anne smiff (a troo beleevah!)
groo-pee the chrissy
ry cst a shoulder of fortune discoverer of civilizations
baal… is mrs baal…?
d + t in syddley
sir gareth of knotts
who while being one of the handsomest knights
is, unfortunatly
one of my most hot-blooded men
having slain 3 or 4 perfectly innocent dragons….
andy pandy n the neptunic druids oh you guys wroc my main man
stealthywealthynwiseguys…mercy bow coo
poochie weild your axe
alt-rez in the frozen north
savant in the capital
all the rest of ya
christ do you think i can remember anything
my brain does hurt like a where house
i am cramming so many things in there
a loada new songs for space night
my lines from my play which is proceding spiffingly
having rehearsed inna fronta some of technicals last night
who said yes yes good work
me a pipe smokin’ tweed wearin’ “straight”
i say
now look here my dear fellow
i been watching this guy all our lives
i can do him if i want to
and i wanna nail all his twitchy nervousness
his outraged dignity
and his naive dopeyness
oh yes
i can talk in a posh accent too
my mums telephone voice
and the major
and the queen
and david coverdale
hang on a minute…..
david coverdale?
from whitesnake?
david coverdale from whitesnake
possessor of one of the most hoity-toity accents ever
can you imagine him giving the other guys in his band
the pre-show motivational schpiel…?
“alright chaps….seems like words come down
and about jolly time, if you ask me
and it seems perfectly beastly
if we dont give these fellows
a ruddy good show and give them what for…
and jenkins on the bass there…?
i dont tolerate passengers on this ship, jenkins
you knew you were here to rock
and by jove
rock you shall!”
now ive way-laid myself again
ive set traps before i reached bombay
and i was gonna say
right at the start
just after the title
how about some new comments from some new commenters?
whatcha made of?
are ya a smart-arse?
a fawning sinkofant?
a practicle man….
a busy house or mid wife…
a student at the school of hard knox?
perhaps youre a nasty lurker with nary an intension to subskrybe
or a generous dough-nater
it doesnt matter
nows the time to comment
a sample comment
“er….ive never commented before so here goes
um….well..that was it!
b murgatroid
thats it really
something pithy
something meaningful
something to change the world
just life in one sentence…its not hard
comment on the whether
you can criticize me too
hippy dribble
stoned waffle of a charisma-less drongo
twilight ravings of doomed beatnik
slandoulous lies of a bitter lemon
gossipy tripe n bad poetry r us
naive ego-sentric olde tosser
in tedious self-congratulatory “free” prose
reads like the bastard offspring of yogi bear
n michael mooorcock
you can say lovely kind things too
oh stevie youre so young
i wish i was pushing fifty three
and ive dyed all these white bits into my beard
just like you
mrs c darwin
oh timeless being
ive followed you since day one
yes, i was there the day the cherch first rehearsed
outside the door
and i made a bootleg
and would you mind if i burned a few
and sold em..
just to friends n others
just a few thousand till i get me money back?
or even
killer i adore thee io io ao

anything will do
dont even wait till youve finished reading
comment now
hit that comment button hard!
send me a message
use it!
weve bought a hifi ipod for ourself for xmas
it cost 500 bux but it sounds amazin’
nk got it up the bloody junction
nice work nk!
listnin to harold buddy n billy nelson
oh so much detail in yonder sound
its about the size of a shoe-box
ipod sits on top
i tell ya olde t-being very happy with this device
im gonna split
its a overcaste day
n a little cool
of course im gonna hit the poole now
and doo my chi gong
mmm breathe deep that prana, childe
walk around
pay some bills
a man sent me a cheque
mr snow, youre not so colde…
thank you
i will banque it today
if it has not rubberised
someone sent me a twenny dollar bill in the post
well thank you everyone likes moneymail!
but beware
ive sent people money like that before too
and it usually disappears
theres some little bastard down the p.o.
with a fucking money detecting machine..
of course
i thank profusely my pay-trens
n my sub-skrypers
oh thank ye
the soy turkey is being plucked
ah the wee beeings will eat
and baby bum-pah says thank you folks
10 % of all money received will be donated to
the bumperfund
to pay for crushed pastels in carpet
drawing on the wall
weeing on the floor
dropping food everywhere
gates, locks, kiddy-proofing etc etc
broken sunglasses, schmeared cds n dvds
things dropped out windows
and for rubbing your chocolatey face on my washed black
alex grey t shirt!
for to-day
s k

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