posted on July 1, 2007 at 1:15 am

the jungle trembled and shook
it was one huge living thing
stretching from beach to beach
canopy vines and lianas
its atmosphere was suffocating
sweet moist omnipresent
it hindered penetration
the trees seemed to move and reach out and grasp
the ground gave and a disgusting mud sucked at the feet
killer pushed on ahead
after all he was a timebeing
the thorns and nettles made no difference
his crew were close to mutiny
he cursed their lack of faith
ronson and peake had already been lost
back there
in this inferno of a jungle
a jungle ripe with ghosts
spirits of trees
voodoo hidden people with tipped darts
half human monkeys screaming and hurling things
in this dank jumble of wet wood and whispering voices
in this no mans land tangled twisted spiteful
bolan walked alongside him
these cats are ready to flip he said
they want to know whats in it for them…
killer sighed
maybe theres nothing in it….for any of us
bolan looked down
i dont wanna hear that right now druid…..
look i know theyre upset about mick and melvyn said the killer
melvyn was never gonna make it…you know that
but ronson…..
too impetuous
such a shame
we’ll miss him thats for sure
the killer called a halt
lets have a fucking smoke for godsake
mclennan took him aside
steven we’re in the middle of a jungle…
you wanna get stoned?
killer nodded solemnly
and the last of neils purple heads
were rolled up into a 2 paper tally-ho spliff
with a rolled up bit of cardboard as a filter
killer puffed deep and exhaled coughing and wheeezing
tolkien puffed on his pipe
while the rest passed the spliff around
except ian curtis
no thanks killer he muttered
and stood outside the circle on lookout
gentlemen said the killer
we are approaching our destination
soon will come the most perilous part of this journey…
this quest…interrupted bolan quietly
the killer continued
how much do you lot know about atlantis?
all began talking at once
merlin suddenly became agitated
and banged his staff upon the ground
all magic
all power
all knowledge
comes from fair atlantis
the druids
the bards
the magicians
all take their art from her
the royal blood of atlantis flowed through
christos and our own celtic kings
houdini said
you know guys i never really made up my mind about atlantis
but i sure am interested in whatever this has to do with us
tolkien nodded
atlantis way down below the ocean
where i wanna be uh she may be
arthur rimbaud said
oh sweet city in the seaside afternoon
on the day you sank
we slept unaware
like babies at the tit…
errr thanks arthur for that said the killer
there was a polite round of applause
for godsakes steven go on with it said mclennan
this is it
the atlanteans had discovered the secret of life
and had determined the existence of a vital ray
this ray was captured and stored in crystals
like batteries…
what is battery? asked dante
never mind
its a way of using energy
one small crystal could contain enough power to…
to do what ? someone asked
an atlantean crystal is the most powerful object in the world said merlin
i saw one once
when i was a child
it was nearly used up
but still an object of great magic…
gentlemen said the killer
i seek the last atlantean crystal
its name is bel-tyne
its power is as yet untapped..
yes said houdini yes!
killer put out the joint
pulled off a leach
and stood up
gentlemen he said
lets get our arses into gear



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