posted on September 5, 2006 at 3:51 am

you couldna imagined 2 more different steves
i couldna imagine i’d be sittin here cryin’
for some stranger i’d only ever seen on the telly
so there ya go
a neu surprise every day
steve irwin
my god man
i hope youre in a heaven surrounded by serpents snakes
lizards crocs n gators n all those other beautiful creatures
that only you, of all people, could dig
you could see beyond the repulsive n fearsome veneers
n perceive the little bit of god in there
he was fast
he was brave
he was limber n lithe
he was so fucking funny
he made me proud to be the bit of aussie that i am
he was a space rocker only his instrument was the beasts
he was a poet but his words were the creatures
insert yer own silly metaphor in here
it wont bring him back…
my wifes been crying all day…
i wonder if australians here know
how much this druid was loved in the states….
oh but steve
oh steve
you pushed yer luck every day man….
people keep sayin to me
ah, its the way he woulda wanted it
but not yet steve
not yet
not this soon
a celebrity worthy of celebrity
one of the goode guys
i dunno
i feel like a permanent fixture has been wrenched from my life….
yer up there with houdini, steve
to me anyway
as a larger than life man
who did impossible things
was still a lovely bloke
i wish i wish i wish i knew ya
i wish i’d met ya
you were beyond all categories
a diamond
a prince
a wizard
a true star
vale steve
im really really gonna miss ya man
s k
n. bondi 2006

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