posted on May 23, 2006 at 9:48 am

30 microgrammes of codeine phosphate
or was that 30 millograms?
the black rain slides across the window
discreet music hovers
the wind buffets the house
long dark cloud comes down
hides the hubba bridge and the oprah house
winter night arrives in sydney
in the warm glow of home
in the living room
the room that lives
in the lamplight
soft furniture music
romantic time
we embrace our paradoxes
shudder through changes
i run my fingers over the options
night settles in
lights come on on the hillsides
8 oclock comes around
finds me in a dream
tinnitus rings on in my silence
my world becomes narrow
i get in touch with the deep thing
a frozen lake
a fiery core
so glad to be inside
safe and warm
a roof over my head
raindrops form black and silver circles on glass
i think of rain on chrome
tail lights red in the mirrors
i think of birds in nests
protective wings of my angel
my eyes blurr now
it doesnt matter
the inner light sometimes shines for me
nothing what it seemed
it seemed nothing
i underestimate the rain
i turn my collar
to the cold and damp
the phone rings
moment becomes inert
what else is falling out there ?
take this
said the doctor
this is for your fevered imagination
and this is for your broken promises
and take this when you miss home
in the middle of everything
an irish interviewer rings up from dubb-lynne
he loves ultc
well thats a goode start
no steve he says
i really love it man
we talk about grant
i cant believe he was so well loved everywhere
major obituaries and everything
grantley i hope ya seeing some of this
i know youre lapping it up
he says the irish especially loved ya
we finish talking
i smoke some
the rain drizzles n sizzles
sad night
night before depature
drift away

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