posted on June 8, 2015 at 5:38 pm


i am writing from my darling daughter minnas apartment in stockholm

she and leo (her lovely bloke) have gone to italy for a week

leaving me to water the flowers and enjoy the miserable summer wevver

well the euro tour my oh my

the church are now an unstoppable force

my colleagues in this band are just fucking superb

tim the most walloping yet intelligent drummer ever

peter koppes …what can you say about this guy except he is a fucking maestro

ian haug after convincing america he has now convinced europe

he has more than slotted in

he has enriched us

craigie wilson up the back on utility (he hates that term btw)

he is truly a member of the band now

a multi instrumental marvel and a delightful human being

our crew are an amazing crew

and me..?

well i have stepped up to the plate and firing with everything i got

we nailed every fucking gig

2 encores in london n brighton

(no i did not see nick cave walking his poodle or buying black dye)

(as many have asked me)

the band is now unbelievably uplifting and inspiring

it was the happiest and most fulfilling tour ever

despite sleeping on el bunko in bus every night

now I’m in sweden

we celebrated Elli n Minnas 24th yesterday

and wow! what a great party that was

at a japanese/peruvian restaurant

everyone was there including one of dearest friends

mr martin krall

karin and i are the marvellously proud parents

of these 2 beautiful kind warm hearted girls

and tears of happiness were flowing all night

their friends are the loveliest people

and i felt so truly a part of it all

and people say you’re a proud papa

but i tell ya it is way beyond that

they are so blindingly gorgeous and yet comical

good naturedly ragging on their silly old dad

i love them so much it makes me ache

24 and theres so much more

jesus i am lucky to have the 5 daughters i have

everyone of them amazes me

and they are all beautiful on the inside as well as out

thank you god for this opportunity to be these kids dad

i really mean that

my children mean more to me than anything you could ever offer

even tho minna has now gone off on hols

i hope to spend some more time with elektra

who is surely the most like me in the way she thinks

so thats it

its a rainy and cold day here but who cares

i will speak to ya all real soon

sk stockholm june 8 2015

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