posted on May 3, 2010 at 12:37 am

atlanta comes n goes
as i knew it must
the tour is over
peter n i are at lax airport
our flight back to aust leaves in a few hours
atlanta was good
great crowd
the band ever so slightly “under”
tired or weary or just getting old
jeffrey cain gives me new music for isidore at gig
someone steals some money off tiare backstage
jw n moksha from the hu dosties
griffo n anthony collins
keith n dee
kip n jill from austin
holly kiabgoa eek
virginia n christian
whole bunch of good people
this morning i realize everyone in our hotel
was there for the church last night
families with kids
blokes n guys …more doctors n teachers
guys from alabama n mississippi
they all love the church
they all grew up on the church
very touching
i feel sad to leave the lovely south
but i gotta get home now n recover
not enough sleep too much travel
too much rocknroll
too much alcohol…boy dont it knock ya round
thanks to all who brought me jazz
including jonny hollywood
thanks for gifts n foodstuffs etc etc
i love my fans
i am devoted to my fans
i will keep on keeping on
as long as you wanna hear it
sad to leave the u.s. in spring
sad to leave all your lovely vibes n good wishes
fuck it went by quick
fuck it went by slow
thanks tim powles for driving us round safely
im gonna go n wander about the airport
see you on the otherside
i hope

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