posted on November 4, 2011 at 6:21 pm

oh alabama can i see you and shake your hand


today i skyped cain-o in birmingham

and guess what..?

in his hand he brandished the isidore cd

life somewhere else

its ready and soon he will be posting all good SKPers their copy

caino ever the perfectionist wants the SKP people to have the physical copy

on account of the lovely packaging and stuff

the album itself meanders wildly through different styles

theres some weird long noisy things

theres some short extremely poppy things

theres all the clever and brilliant stuff youd expect from us

sad and exciting and melodic and densely populated music

caino must have been on some strange trip to dream this music up

i have merely responded with all the semantic hyper priming carryon  i do

raw guitars battle it out with elaborate mellotron arrangements

a progression and digression from the first album

its quite a record … wait till you hear it

caino guarantees the SKPers will be the first people on earth to hear it

wow thats kinda cool aint it?

meanwhile today we sent out the egyptian  registers

and guess what i forgot to put someones little sk artwork in there

(luckily perry from florida got 2 !)

would that person missing theirs contact us when it doesnt arrive …?

i’ll sort you out properly

soon the time being shop will be up and running

remember of course SKPers get a 25 % discount on everything

and soon an SKP only area with some real rarities ……

anyway thats about it

see ya soon you ninnies!


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