posted on September 12, 2016 at 4:05 pm
so far so good

so far so good

sorry for my immodesty but fuck i feel and i look good for 62

in fact i feel healthier and have more energy than when i was 22

my doctor says to me after a whole gamut of tests

whatever youre doing just keep doing it!

my blood pressure my heart my lungs my blood tests all my levels: in good shape

my friends you will be happy to know i turned the diabetes around by avoiding sugar

the hep C is now gone thanks to Harvoni

the heart palpitations have stopped

i swim

i do yoga

i meditate

i walk up n down hills

nothing and nobody stops me

of course i lay most of this at the feet of not eating meat

if you wanna look young and be healthy DONT EAT FUCKING MEAT!

what can be any simpler than that?

dont smoke cigarettes

take it easy with booze. i like a drink but i stop at one rarely 2

take it easy with the drugs

watch out cos theres a lotta new synthetics out there gonna fuck you up quicker than heroin ever would

be nice to people

do charitable acts

its so obvious

imitate jesus

imitate buddha

have  sex (even if its only with yerself you wankers!) i reckon its gotta be good for ya!

have good friends

do what you believe in

blah blah blah

you know what i say its all the same old things i always say

but look at me the proof is in the pudding

then also one day my luck will run out like everyone elses has to

meanwhile  i have hit my sixties with a definite bang! and i’m on the track n i’m running

refrain from all that bullshit you know is bad for you

get in the fucking sea and get in the sun and get in the wind

be courteous and polite to everyone even if they are obviously being a fucknuckle

i dont know

i feel my philosophies and lifestyle and my beliefs have rendered 62 a mere number

nothing has changed

i aint no old shambling wreck

i was a vegetarian and i exercised and now i am really reaping the rewards

i only tell you this not to merely brag although i am stupidly bragging yes

but to exhort you to stop with the meat stop with the bad stuff

do the good stuff

look !

it works

i’m 62 and i dont give a flying fuck!




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