posted on April 8, 2011 at 8:21 pm

SK n sk

songs music kisses

my child my human child

shes a dreamy one that one

such a kind little heart

but cruel to the kitten

today i been in one newspaper and television twice

swam in the sea walked upon this earth

i bought a new shirt to replace one i lost

ears ring eyes blurry and hurting

my brain is full

my stomach empty

my feet are cold

my hair is fine

it just floats there

a toothache in the new choppers

dont get one thing done

just hang about on the balcony waiting waiting waiting

waiting for a sign

waiting for a reason

waiting for a pause in time

do yoga yeah yeah

tomorrow more rehearsals

sing bang pluck more waiting

steve steve steve

maybe i went missing

the moon is a yellow crescent

my heart beats on within my chest

the lights of sydney twinkle on n on

having an early night i’m so tired

wake up in the early morning refreshed

and find everything is miraculously perfect

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