posted on January 24, 2011 at 6:18 pm

the children in the present moment unending

the summer condenses into a solid day

overcast the threat of rain that never comes

i get some last minute things for the doodles n woofles imminent arrival

the house is immaculately tidy now tidier than ever

i swim my laps i do my yoga

the heat is omnipresent

i feel strange

but dont i always

have i ever felt just normal ever the answer is no

so here i am in another strange place in a strange time

an old man picking up his young kids

flown out to australia by karin mother of my eldest girls

4 days to get to know em again

4 days to make them feel at home again before i take off

4 days to catch up on the 60 odd days ive missed out on

i feel anxious i feel sad i feel a feeling i cannot name

home home home

there is no place like home thats for sure

i love my girls so much

yes i will try to be my best for them

reassuring solid cheerful dad

that everybody knows i am not

yet i must be for them

and you only get one childhood

and i want to spend some time making theirs special

they went thru a bit of turbulence last year

i pray to lord vishnu and jesus christ

that this year will only bring peace and calm and many childrens adventures

of course

what we all want for our kids

thanks folks

be back with photos n updates tomorrow

same time being channel


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