posted on July 29, 2006 at 10:46 pm

new orleans
how is it nevets?
its smelly thats for sure
loadsa overmade up women
with huge hair n loud voices
drunk people
dark bars selling shots n hurricanes
the (nauseating) smell of meat n fish cooking
live sex acts….bottomless…topless….sideless
t shirt shops
make levees not war
shady characters whisperin’ in doorways
voodoo shops
full of charms, masks, skulls, talismans, philtres, spells
old black blues guys playin’ on corners
the deafening sound of a hundred bars
full of a hundred geetar players
all playin’ the same olde tired 12 bar jive
tourists in their pastel clothes
fat policemen with silly uniforms
a car pulls up n a pretty girl rolls down the window
whatcha lookin for honey?
a million answers go thru my mind
but i say
i wander round to the house o blues where we be playing tonite
its fulla the jesus n mary n day o the dead iconographia
the dressing rooms are amazing
they really look after ya here
i guess theres about 10 h o bs in the u.s.
great venues…someone shoulda do one in sydney
the venues in the u.s. really know how to do it right
great catering, helpful attitudes
the americans invented show biz
i guess they should know what theyre doing
its so humid out on the street
im instantly drenched in sweat
boarded up houses
empty shops
tantalizing glimpses of cool courtyards
w/ boston ferns n magnolia
its a lot quieter than the other times i been here
i go up to check out the roof pool
full of drunk white middleclass yobbos
i guess i wont be doing my laps in there today
i feel like such an outsider
the omnipresence of the alcohol is sickening
a town fulla pissed people
n its only 6 oclock
rah rah rah
not much for me to eat here neither
actually not really my kinda place
i miss the clean dry desert
this whole place hassa naggresive vibe
my hotel is real nice
but the air cond is freezing my ballzoff
its hot n humid outside
in here its ice station zebra
i dunno
i sounda bit negatori today dont i
nevermind we got our hands on some nice jazz records
and i do think i might give one of em a listen real soon
apparently not many tickets sold tonite
i guess the people who liked us mighta all moved out after
katrinas big blow job
i resist buying a t shirt that says
im surrounded by fucking idiots
i figure the other fellas mightnt like it….(whatta diplomat!)
thats it
i love ya

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