posted on July 20, 2013 at 6:42 pm
appearing soon

appearing soon

jesper kroon in vermilion corduroy in his library of reeds

he is the prince of cranes he is the ace of wands

dancing with the owlish people of the marshes

little moongirl and giant tess

jesper kroon hes a total immersion in love

with his archon revolving out there in space

and his pyramids which generate heat and light

and his crystal slam way of doing things

oh jesper thou art the one

with the antlers of uncle summer under your hood

goodness knows i am now in your ancient woods

where the weasel black eyes piercing and adder slithering

and the lake is as of iron

i dive into reflection

under the cold water i cool my gills

kroon i envy you your evenings with lovely courtesans

the expensive substances navigate the bloodstream to the heart

the tinctures from the south sea haven where the blue girlflowers grow

kroon the illegal trade in the harness of angel

kroon i see you smirking in the fumes of spent desire

kroon you sit there waiting while i walk right past my destiny

under the water i am an extinct monster

my teeth are razor like shaving small fishes

my nails are claws and i grip onto the rocky lakebed

my eyes see through kroons curtains

my tongue can taste the places he was seen

the crackle of twigs around a great eagles nest betrays the dead rat

the leaves blow around saturday night like blank captions

jesper kroon you duck down eider down luxurious room

backstage your kissing the floor you must cross and bear

kroon i can hear you from here

after the sound will appear

kroon i’m a mad sick thing coming for you

jesper please be careful of lurking in green pools or soft edge

in jungles vines and lee anna twisted around green alligator

my hands stutter a song out about you kroon


they sing


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