posted on April 4, 2009 at 8:42 pm

so much to say
so much to tell ya
hell i got no control over what i’m likely to write
i missed the school reunion
for so long i fantasied about showing up there
you know
oh i hi boris
oh oh morris
oh hi doris
i became a rock star…what did you do?
oh…realer state…how fasckinating!
maybe i shoulda shown up with my bass strapped on
can you imagine
and can you imagine the state
of some of them 55 year olde classmates of mine…?!
oh well
i’d walk in
i’d out trump em all
and i’d leave
au contraire
i’d show up
n be so fucking modest
that it’d drive em crazy
“hi horace
my silver grammy award.?..nah…its nothing….
but you were telling me about yer tomato plants… “
all in the most quiet voice n downcast shy eyes
whatever i may or may not have done
i didnae go…well it WAS in canberra
speeking of which i see the crunch is hedding to ottawa
which is the french word for capital city
and playing a blues fest (!?)
(theyll get the blues when they see how unbluesy we are..)
peter k to me : you dont have a black bone in yer body…!
(but i mean…who does?)
he meant that i had no soul n no rhythm
maybe that was true backstage in birmingham in 1990
but cmon
we just released the whitest middlest class anglo saxon lp ever..
i mean they should give em away with audis n saabs
(talking of saabs
theres a nice one up the road for sale early nineties 3000 bux
its tempting me…any comments on old cheap saabs?
it looks like its in mint cond)
ah where was i
birmingham in englend
birmingham alabama
i dont care for either that much
i dont like either city
n i dont like the name birmingham
sounds like a whole lotta red tape n malarky to me
i mean where wouldya rather be
birmingHAM or bondi bloody beach
i mean ok i know birmingham gave us duran duran
(and it shows)
and birmingham alabama gave us a gig at the steel works
but i cant see myself ever back there again
in either
theres certain places you know you never gonna return there
a regional tour of englend …not really likely
i think we’re TRYING to get to lunnon, guv’nor
i think we may try to get to amsterdamn
i know we doing nyc on the 8th of july
nyc the big appfel
oh boy
wait till they see my new way of rocking
wait till they see my very good roll
wait till they hear my croon like a hoarse n fucked up lark
wait till they hear us hammer it home
then we’ll see whose got the bluest boiled blood n blackest bones
i straddle all forms (effortlessly!)
i rock out
i swing down
i flow out
i suck in
i hurl about
i push on
i get into
forget that i’m 54 cos you just got paid
i laugh at old age…ha ha!
these days
anything is permissable
an old rocker gallivanting about
and shouting out
some song
about a lotta
he said
im a howlingwolfe
i go ooh hoo hoo
i go rocking to the east n the west
i embrace my inner hindu
i embrace my inner redneck
ever so lonely ever so lonely freebird
this is planet EARF!
and her name was ree-oh
and to cut a long kilt short
i lost my mind on the road between
tulsa n damascus
and jesus plays a fender jaguar
and he drives a daimler 6 point 9
jesus listens to big stars sister/lovers
cos theres a lovely song on there a bout hymn
jesus loves me this i know
cos some ignorant rednecked pig told me so
jesus oh sweet jesus the girl with the…
well…you know what kinda eyes they were…
and fuck
its sunday
its jesus daddys day
his day of rest
the rest of the day
and jesus stardust and the disciples from mars
and jesus takes you down to his place by the river
and they dont pay their dues like jesus anymore
and jesus saves
but he didnt save jeff buckley
and jesus my rsi is playing up today
and i wanna reconcile jesus n patti smith n opium n spacemen 3
and south america and marco boleyn and crystal skulls
n 23 skidoo n rocking n rolling and shooting up a river
and the statues of sharon stone
and its daylight saving
and its jesus saving
and its saving grace
and its gracious n giving
and please sister mor-feen
lay your cool cool hands on my head
and jesus jagger n jesus richards n jesus faithfull
and come all ye anita palindromes and gala dalis
and abyssinian sisters
see you can chuck anything in a blogge
anything in a song
you can chuck anything in my locker at the ice bergs
you can master a record
or record a master
i like my rock n roll n my jesus on the side
i like to rock because its fun in the summertime
i like to rock cos i’m a beastly beast n a rockin’ fool
i like to rock at 7 p.m. onna satta day night
my bass…oooh it rumbles n grumbles
as i pummel it
rockin robin tweet tweet
the magic bag
the magic stick
the magic dirt
the magic band
the magic beans
everything in my world is magic
watch out
jesus is around today
and he’ll be wanting ya to be good

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