posted on April 1, 2008 at 9:06 pm

sky bleeds from its wound
night aches like a whore
me im hiding in my hide
me im just behind the door
the secret life of the time beings wife
in midnights forgiving arms
wednesday gropes for morning groggy and lightfingered
i plunge into it headlong unaided n unabetted
loverman loverboy loverlover loverlife
everybody gotta love everybody
now go go go
ah you never get it
its so easy
its so easy baby
like e=mc hammer squared
like hammer on n hammer off
slur and slide
drop tuning
ease it off
walking bassline
let your fingers do the walking
through pages of music
baby says she love music man
baby says oh how can i repay you for this music?
baby says oh i feel like i already know you
baby says oh i knew itd be like this
baby say no daddy yes daddy nice daddy
baby said daddy can you gimme a ride home
wednesday shes a coming
wednesday reaching up to swallow tuesday night
baby says oh the time doth verily fly
baby says daddy dont be bad
cos everything is in motion
cos the thing cannot be stopped
cos its a destroyer
not a cruiser
cos of his heart seeking missiles
cos of his angles
cos of his energy and ardour
and im flying forgetful
dont wanna know my name anymore
sometimes i blow a little cool
sometimes flames lick me
sometimes i lock on and i punish
sometimes i have to bail out
and i freefalling through enemysky
they capture me goddamm it
i am private john smith
they engulf me in subtle torture
i am subjected to feelings of unnaturalness
i tried to fight it sir
i tried to resist em sir…but dontcha see?
they were you
and i was just me
escaping was easy
i found a wormhole to 1975
there you were baby
waiting around for me
everywhere i went
the americans werent our allies then
i co operated in their rituals
i pretended to understand them
i was brainwashed sir
i was spinwashed and dried out like a prune
my childhood course in tv and playboys
had given me a smattering of american
but i was not fluent
president robert kennedy in 1969
asked me to sing a song at his coronation
but you were there
you said baby you will not find me in this future
baby you called daddy baby now
everyone all confused honey this honey that
learn to take it like a man
im sorry sir i cant remember what thats like
the americans got to me sir
im sorry sir
i am no longer private john smith
i am now the time being
being in love and space
being of spirit and matter
and mattering much
i solemnly bind australia england n america together
in bed together
keeping all that good love to themselves
never flagging never wimping
just hammering away
just hammering away

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