posted on July 18, 2013 at 12:42 pm
io ishtar one $

io ishtar one $

when the delirious days of july fall out

the valley signs of an early prima vera

the chancy skyfull of air over there

then arrows of love then fist of sulk glove

i am chastened as i hastened to hide away

down on lawns unkempt where some grim dog watches

neither never or forever just now

my book is a song

a wonderful life a throng of admirals

oh the summer in winter

behind the clouds shine so surely

the golden leaves the myriad light

every cloud is the shape of racing animals

unicorns and crocodiles stretch across oceanias heavens

the bright hammer of thunder

the twin black birds of odin doom

the hideous depths writhe with unspeakable horrors

let us be glad to be in this world of warm colour

familiar as cat with magical thought

understood and over wrought

i think im gonna think another thought


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