posted on November 27, 2010 at 9:46 am

b and b

i would like to thank the people who’ve written on here

their lovely words of encouragement i thank you

i thank you all

last night was a heartwarming gig up here on qlds sunshine coast

a very nice sold out crowd

a few singalongs

the band played much better than the night before

tim n i got some good rhythm section things happening

peter k is amazing on piano harmonica mandolin n guitar

marty is marty is marty

now slimline and kicking bottom on his 12 string guitar n ricky bass

me ?

i sang n ponced around

a few minor mistakes perhaps

a memorable night

we stay in a b n b place which is superb

in the morning as i eat my breaky

(muesli fruit n soy milk)

a few shy couples also staying here thank me for last night

one guy has been following us since he was 12

almost with you was a song he heard at school n it did the trick

he bought the b. crusade it was his first record ever

i got all kinda misty hearing that…what an honour to be part of peoples lives

yes a real honour

i have been making music to selfishly satisfy myself

and then this wonderful unseen side effect

that people out there are digging this whole mess

people listening to us for over 30 years now

a real soundtrack of their lives

oh my friends you make my stupid old heart swell with pride/humility

yes you are all so important to me

we are really all in this together

if my music can be there for you

punctuating yer lives , in yer memories

in yer good n bad times

its so much much more than i ever expected

(n maybe deserved)

so ok

tonite the judy wright centre again

(judy judy judy)

it will be good i know it will

everyone in our crew is the nicest person

sweet tiare never losing her patience

jorden brebach our most learned sound guy n 5th member

wesley our stage manager who never puts a foot wrong

my 3 co-horts who are diamondish geezas

ok let the good times roll

ps all my strength n prayers to a dear friend of mine


who is undergoing some nasty treatment for a nasty thing

i believe in you , ok?



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