posted on May 8, 2013 at 8:49 pm
polaroid ramp

polaroid ramp

the moon caramel trimming of star

the slumbering southern wind outside

little shallow shadow in your bottle of wine

the infuriated traffic at a standstill

the remorse half prayer half joke

civilisation purrs beyond here

its streets come alive with cafe and waiter

we meet others in the the limelight

eating the same dinner over and over

the water the gulls the fountains the silverware

the smoke drifts in cold coils illuminated within

emergent favour and some expediency

black syrup in a white cup

honey comb dew on butterscotch iced

we pay the bill with our kindness card

in an apartment off deluxe crescent

where the furniture strains towards you

where the chairs bear their burden with a sigh

where the bed head bells out towards light

the doors are closing

the fight for meaning has been lost

if you can get through the night

into rooms full of fragile technique

the mechanised nature of the watering systems

the oak implied by the seed is rushing to the sun

the fire may be lit but the flames produce no heat

the open and closed sky  crouching above

when the rain come and hit the rose

crystal stab of crimson flower

when the deluge begins presently

i will hide in your arms in the darkness herein

in the prevalent nearness our bodies will take

in the closeness of storm in the comfort of bed

in the seventeen mornings that come when they may

the mystical numbers that turn up on the wheel

the gears compelling us up hills of illusional life

stand at the brink of the other worlds

where the brave go one way

the wicked go the other





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