posted on August 31, 2006 at 6:52 am

oh im almost ashamed of myself
but i cant stop now
i have to say i have slightly adjusted my opinion of idol
first of all bobby flynn is just my cuppa tea
weirdly handsome, great hair
and you can see in his eyes this cat is gone man gone
hes a natural
hes the kinda freak they SHOULD be discovering
the wild eyed boys from free cloud
the mercurial gifted strange cats
bobby i dig ya man
i reckon ya could do pretty well without the show anyway
a zillion times better than the syrupy “boy” tripe
watch this guy
hes cool
you shoulda heard the cheer chez kilbey when bobby
got vindicated
and my stupid song got vindicated
even on this level
then surprise of surprises
a cuppla of the girls are actually good
(kilbey you olde fool this diametrically opposed to yessadays rant)
first comes on this very individual kinda girl
does this lousy song tho
and she gets outta time with the band
yep n so does everybody sooner or later
its like serving a double fault
even happens to the greats
the rodent sniffs the air and pronounces it a joke
a joke the girl numbly repeats
the rodent is unrepentent
a joke he says it again
gee how villainous
later on he comes up with such corkers as
i dont care what you think, youre an idiot
hiss hiss
what a cutting edge ubermoderne zeitgeist riding
entertainment machine, a master performer
a judge truly worthy of judgement
then comes on a very young girl
and shes simply brilliant
even to my jaded faded olde eyes
this chick got the x factor in spades
the weasely-one commands the audience
get up off yer arses
for the best thing ta ever come out of orstrayliah
so there
she was so good even he could see it
and like bobby boy
shes got her own thing goin’
very beguiling
effortlessly singing
very very goode stuff indeed
so im sittin’ there thinkin’
well i was wrong about some of the contestants
but i was more than right about mr nasty
and ya gotta understand
i aint against villains in principle
ya gotta have a villain
i understand that
and simon cowell
is a nasty piece of work in full flight
but hes fucking witty
and hes got a schtick n hes gotta schpiel
and he demolishes em but good
all im sayin is
fer christ sake
in all of australia
aint we gotta better villain than that?
a good evil nastybastard…
look i aint gonna watch it again
so it dont matter to me
what the hell am i still goin’ on about it for then….?

right now im listenin to pharaoh saunders
which was given to me by johnny garrett
in sin sin atty
yes johnny i did like meeting you
you are a no nonsense american guy
olde style in some strange way
a kinda ohian groucho marx or somethin
no johnny i didnt think you were whatever it was you said
and johnny
im enjoying this record very much
on a sadly negative side
may i enquire what happened to happy days by the c. wheel?
some of it sounds like bush…?!
what was dicko thinkin’
is this their mag among the spirits?
except for eat my dust
(which IS a classic)
its all kinda heavy riffy all pumped up
not really what i was wanting or expecting
like they were trying to be something they werent
record company pressure?
i mean it aint terrible….
but not up to dickos usual standard
tsk tsk!
in other bad news minna now has glandular fever
auroras asthma hovering in the background
and my room is a complete shambles n mess
gareth of notts, you handsome stud
please refrain from threatening talent show judges
on my blogge
my parole officer has told me im not allowed to associate with ya
melquiades cant ya trim yer poems down to just one per blog (max)
hello matt in nz
we’re talkin to some druid in auckland re a show…
but who knows
hi to the grecian urn in melbourne
you ve been such a lovely n dedicated fan for so so long
much appreciation
hi to nickfiction
all mah loverly readers
thanks for making me what i am today..
whatever the hell that is….
and channel ten
if you need an erudite urbane experienced judge
one who has actually trodden the boards
in london paris new york munich
a handsome olde devil
a twinkle in my i
a real callous judgemental nasty bastard
i might be available
but ya gotta pay me more
than hand-shandylands
have your people
call my people
and then
go tell it on the mountain
let my people go

no more idol banter
i promise

ive just discovered petra hadens acapella who sell out
effing amazing stuff!!!

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