posted on November 26, 2010 at 8:43 am

yeah we were kinda good

yeah we played kinda well

sold out great audience n all that

but my head n guts are churning with a million other things

stupid things ive done n said

all my private life drama baby (leave me out!)

i stand on stage yeah i do my thing

but all my turmoil replaying in my head

look i dont know what i’m doing or where i’m going

i’m 56 but i got the brain of a 5 or 6 year old

none of you know the bullshit ive been thru for the last 6 months

yeah some of it was my own doing

a lot of it wasnt

is it your business?

i dunno i lost track of whats public n private

i got people writing to me here about nk this n nk that

but none of ya know really whats going on

you interpret my nebulous stuff i write here

nk n i hurt each other n we hurt each other bad

i did my thing she did her thing

now shes there where she wanted to be

she can cool her heels wherever the hell it is

i know i dont wanna fucking be there

my kids are in sweden jetlagged still n with the fucking flu

they are in the bosom of a lovely fambley there

and they deserve a bloody break

i love them more than everything else

and they will/ should be my main concern

when they come back in 2 months i will hopefully be rested

then we can start all over again

in the meantime i’m upsetting a load of other people too

all my relationships are fraught with argy bargy n malarkey

just so ya know im a judgemental hypocritical old bastard

n i fight n struggle with everything

i keep eavesdropping n then i dont like what i hear

i keep it all going n it then always turns around it bites my ass

as nk n many others tell me

i can write a song but in most other ways i fall short of the mark

i’m a one trick pony

ask me to be useful or patient or compassionate

n i cant seem to manage it

i am selfish n narcissistic i am cruel

and i embrace every double standard known to man

i demand everything

i give very little back

i hurt you but i dont like to be hurt myself

so great

the people on here who love me love my music

n i’m very appreciative of that

yeah i am australias best songwriter of my type

fuck i’m a second tier rock genius yet my lyrics are second to none

but can i be nice

can i be kind

can i even be reasonable for one minute

can i shut the fuck up n live n let live

no folks

your humble hero is a fucking ninny

and today i am in more useless states of regret n trying to dodge my bad karma

i stand outside myself n i am amused bemused confused

my deck chair  on the titanic has been changed

but i still the ships going down

why should you care?

i dunno


its 8 30 in the morning here in brissy

gonna get up do my yoga

n drive to the next place on the map

keep my head down if i can

but i dont like myself very much

and thats a sad way to be

maybe next time round i wont have to be such a nong

but i doubt it

losing streak

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