posted on September 15, 2006 at 8:46 am

i know you wont believe this
but then what then is belief in belief itself
and what is in the realms of the unimaginable?
i have been to other worlds
i knew you wouldnt believe me
i can feel your palpable doubts
coming thru the screen
everytime i dissolve into sleep
but no…
that is not the world that would surprise one
the world of sleep
where do we go?
im sure youve been to the hypnagogue
ive seen you praying at that altar in the soft dawn
music drifting across the lawns
the priestess at the hypnagogue is my sister
but none of this has anything to do
with whatever it was i meant to say
i have been to other worlds…
oh yes….that…
yes i have done that,
tho’ i dont blame those who dont believe it
the means can be found in many books
leaving this earth by bobby houdeen
john erskines astraltravelogue
if you want to try it for yourself
be careful tho
many are trapped elsewhere
disappearances are not uncommon
but travel must be approached with confidence
please this is no joke
hesitation can cause unpredictable effects
einstein sent a cruiser to another dimension
strange little beasties on the surface tension
you see
surrounding every thing alive
there is a field
and in the unified field
the creatures feed
each according
to its need
when you can impinge your field upon other fields
this can be called magic
try this simple test
tonight as you fall asleep try to remain conscious
impossible you say
but no wait here for me
oh yes let your heavy body slumber
but let the mind remain alert and nimble
let your spirit be sharp
and then when youre asleep
there you will find me
and then i will lead you
you must remain awake AND asleep
this must be mastered
or the experiment will not succeeed
you may feeel an oscillation
a feeling of lifting off
wait for me
do not proceed beyond this phase
if anything were to attack you
visualise vishnu in your heart chakra
and defend yourself with all you have
dont listen to the voices tempting and promising
you can only trust my voice
repeating your name in the mist a’head
your desire must be sincere
to sustain any injuries you may sustain
damage can be subtle
revealing itself over eons
mayhem can ensue
torture atrocities unhuman cruelties
i have seen an energy there
there is no name for these things
you see them from a distance
transparent things are hard to find
this is where youll need your faith
or a handful of lucidcalms
if your quack will still prescribe them….
theres definitely some bad things out here
its like the ocean
theres always sharks
whether you interest them or not…
thats a different thing of course
if you got a hankering for the astral sea
if you want to leave this heaviness behind
if you desire everything
if you can face ghastly horror and pure bliss
then stay
stay awake as you fall asleep
i’ll be waiting in the last place youd think
i’ll be flying
i’ll be just there at all
look hard with more than your eyes
i’m not a charlatan
youll need to propel yourself thru the planes of memory
thats it
up here
the surface
the real surface
you emerge into sudden light
as if a new morning had broken apart
and all the music was liberated
songs as yet unwritten
steal them as your own
where do you think i get my words?
overwhelming rays of tranquility
another vast body of water to traverse
voyaging for what seems like years
we come to another shore
here are things un-named and un-namable
i will fain risk punishment for revealing anymore
everyones watching
everyones listening
im not imagining it!
am i?
i’m certainly not mad!
am i?
its 7 31 right now
im going out for a while
i may be sometimebeing

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