posted on March 7, 2006 at 11:28 pm

hello my devotees
i know ya missed me yessaday
do ya think the reason i boycotted tuesday
was because my comments have dwindled
DOWN TO 18 ?
is it because im spoilin ya with these 24 carrot
pearls of wisdom
i am casting
before the internet swine
who do nae have the decency to
worship me with florid comments
oh steve…youre just the best
at everything….

it should at least be as goode as that
and please people
“oh you olde genius…how do you do it?”
just dont really cut it any more
i told ya
run to the dictionary
praise me eloquently
or not at all
i am not seeking yer praise
i am jus’ doin’ this to turn ya on
an hour outta my day baby
for you
because i need to tell you all this
it has to be here
time distance
have necessitated this
the germans are giving uninvited like ze clouds
a critical thumbs up
(i knew i was safe when fang-dooren
that learned deutsch sage
said he liked the drums on block)
you got it right stefano bouy
block is a great sounding song
i cant believe wallies are out there fuckin complainin’
well if you liked somethin else better
listen to that
im waiting on bondi beach tonite
between the sharks and bluebottles
to personally fucking pummel anyone
who dares critize goode yon ye olde blocke
i like it
thats all i really care about
and it rocks baybee
cmon chrissie the groupie
(which one is you?)
(sorry is it with a k?)
(sorry do you really know i mc c?)
(if so, wow)
i know block is appealing to ya
i know its rockin yer whirled fer six.
tell em
aw i know
i m preaching to the converted
i know yall love it
any way
i been doing interviiews
these last 2 nites
with germany
the guys i talk to said they really like the new record
there you go
and the germans no dummies baby
these guys actually listen to the record !!
(dont take that for granted)
they ask provocative questions
most of em know more english words
than yer average pom yank or aussie
(sad but true)
these not fickle english dudes
worried about yer haircut or whatever
pushing some gormless hopeless youth club band
for ten minutes at number one
(hello mansun fans……hello?)
god bless em
they burned bright
they did well
what a career
what a day
or kingmaker?
i do like a goode shoegazer thing
like ye olde ride and mbv
the last great sonic revolution in rock?
i reckon vapour trail by ride
to be one of the best songs ever
and the guy who wrote it is playing bass
in oasissy
go figga that fiendss
theres no just desserts
the pleasure is the pleasure
the race is the prize
i make my music
the way i write this blog
with love
i try for ya
i never ever talk down to ya
i expect that you expect the best
i dont wanna pour a load of tired olde tripe
on ya
yer too busy
too intelligent for that
so although i do fail
i am
after all
only half human
but you know i INTEND
to do something goode
i dunno
where was i?
who turned out the lights?
now i remember
i was gonna tell ya
that ive run
outta time
see yer soon

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