posted on March 18, 2007 at 10:16 am

rusty said it would happen
i jumped from 78 to 40
in a few hours
or what?
or is it just the natural flux of the blogge-tide?
ok theres some pictures ahead
feels like everythings changed now
the blogges gone visual
you gain something
you lose something
but thats life
i dunno what to think
nk not keen on pictures of her or doodles or woofle
so just me
i havent even asked the twillies ..i hope they dont mind
now i have this thing….what to do with it?
you may find it ruins it for you
you may find it enhances it
well im gonna figger out better things than fambley schnappshotts
gotta try n be creative
never done much photography
never done any actually
a new field for me to konka?
steve kilbey will play dance sing sculpt act recite paint photograph
all in one sickening self centred load of old rubbish “installment”
entitled “my egos crushing gravity”
plus his beautiful dortas (in a bikini)
and bumper the performing woofle
but if you guess her name she gets real mad
the doodles are there like night and day
i want to put my family on broadway
and my mum too
god bless her
my mum will be talking about the phenomenon of
the lawn bowls groupie
and tips on raising cheeky little sods
my mum knows how to make great christmas puddings
is it a dying art?
who will make the puddings of the future?
my brother rusty
well i was listening to crystal set from now on yessaday
gee theres some good stuff there
funny it was ricki ticki miami from the briny johnstone mescalin
who put the crystal set on the ipod 4 me
some of it was really shoegazery before its time
i love shoegazer
and i love space
but i love bobby dylan
and i love that crazy german stuff
thats me i guess
exploiting my fambley a la the ozbyrnes
chucking em all out there n putting em to work
im shameless
and i love the headlong rush of success
that slightly sick feeling
as it hits yer system
from 78 to 40
see me go
surely im destined for #1
oh let it be
let it be
but until then

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