posted on December 5, 2009 at 7:54 am

yeah i type type type
i climb in n out of planes
i fly to adelaide
i fly to melbourne
i getta terrible cold
my head like concrete inside
feel weird achey n dizzy
take codral cold relief
mm pseudo-ephedrine
its a speedball gonna knock yer cold for six
but last night
im feeling weird real weird
i have a smoke n a wee drink
man im out of it by the time i hit the stage
the cold makes me feel kinda hollow n numb
i play a good gig
tim has a good night
we whip up some enthusiasm
i feel giddy and strange
i keep seeing things outta the corners of my eyes
i sing pretty good all things considered
we get better n better as the night goes on
by the time we hit the encores
rocknroll has healed my cold
lordy be praised the power of rocknroll
we’re loud
we’re brutal
we’re whatever you like
and thats about it

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