posted on April 7, 2006 at 12:35 am

i feel betrayed
i feel lost
i think about my blogge
that got sent to magnetic heaven
my poor unknown unloved blogge
that i laboured over with love

fiendss i hadda nice nite lassa nite
i took a cab over to sunny newtown
with george the wurldss brainiest cab driver
hes fuckin’ discussin’ the subtext n semantics of rocknpop
and its apparent influence on left or boho pollytics
oh yeah
olde sk enjoys this stuff a lot more
hot enuff for ya?
how about those fuckin’ roosters?
george is one of those guys
who you gotta ask
why the hell is a intellectual giant like this
droppin off guys at the casino in a cab?
george you always gonna be mah driver
in the nite time
(glenny havin the solemn honour of daytimes)
these kinda guys make traffic jams fun
in fact i got into such a heated debait
about something
that i was surprised when i finally realised
that i wassa sposed to be going somewhere
and that i’d actually arrived (baybee)
i was at the vanguard
where i did a soundcheck for hi fi mike
cos i wassa gonna singa coupla songas thatta nite-ah
great songs
the long way home
a new one
i only did the words for
the nite before
great music
sorta euro dancey trancey nancy blah blah bjorky stuffy stuff
i dunno
i hate labelling stuff
cos i hate it when they try to do it to me
what the fuck am i n the chchru?
ive had
mope rock
indy rock
alternative rock
pscychedelic rock
paisley underground(puh-leeze!)
any way hi fi is a cool dude
the whole album is great
buy one cos i’m on there, fer sure
but im shore ya gonna dig the whole cd.
after soundcheck
i went down to arch boheemian artiste n culture vulture
davey c n his loverly wife jeonga c (she from silver korea)
hes made this horrific horror film
it must be excellent cos i can hardly bear to watch
its making my flesh crawl
it is a brilliant film, thats fer sure
but i donna lika feeling this feeling too much
sort of anxiety as soon as it begins
total suspension of disbelief
(or even dat belief)
im also gonna be doing the soundtrack
and its gonna bee nasty
(i hope)
not necessarily my cuppa tee
but i can do it
and i sometimes like too
now dc and jc
theyre pretty arty filmy types
live in a warehouse in gothsville
hes seen more arthouse movies
than youve had hot dinners etc etc
i wondering to myself how could he have escaped my blogge
so long
so there ya go d and j
you boheemian hipsters have finally been recognised
but remember
ya start out hip
you end up hip replacement
thats the way it is

anyway we had vegetarian vietnamese
we smoked some jazz cigarettes
we hit the vanguard
(naughty old sk had a double red bull n voddy)
i met the other luminaries
who were guestsingers like me
inge liljestrom
connie mitchell
and a guy called iota
who tim po. has just produced
who has a very mellifluous voice
he came onstage in a black long dress
fishnet long gloves n stockings
a big pair of boots
a fur collared jacket
and a lovely red velvet hat
(i think my auntie doris had one like that
at russells christening in 1963)
the dude can sing
i was pretty goode i guess
(as per fuckin’ usual)
the clapped
i said goodbye
bade my fond adieus to dc n jc
fled home
here i am today
i love ya

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