posted on December 9, 2008 at 7:38 pm

(in a bit of a bind
no one understands me
so why am i telling you….?)

is it wednesday already….wow
is it december already….wow
is it hot enough for ya?
gee its been a great year here at ttb
bill higgins won employee of the month
and mrs newton in accounts daughter had a baby boy
congratulations to all
reggie n the boys in the service department
had a great family picnic day last week
it was no coincidence reggie won the spoon race :
his mother janet tompkins ran the cutlery section at fossies for years!
some olde ttb staffers got together at the bull n cricket pub
and over a shandy( or 2 !) roger muller
entertained us with stories of the old storeroom on watkins st
mrs colin ferguson regaled us with tales of serial number mix ups
(before computers made her redundant, that is!)
and lizzie n some of the other typists tried their hands at darts
(maude got a triple 6)
now its the crazy season starting here at ttb
everyones wearing santa hats as we count down the days
lets have a safe holiday:
all ttbers are pointing their scissors at the floor
and not running if carrying them
(or a sharpened pencil)
this year we’ve only ordered 2 christmas trees
and pleased to say we’ve nabbed a rare type of pine for the office do
once home to the now extinct jub jub bird
which sadly died out when its natural habitat
was knocked down for christmas trees
young william in the mail room
is a fierce “eco-warrior” insisting on recycling his paddlepop sticks
and brad and gerald from internal affairs
have put their eggplants in a nursery
some big nights on the calendar coming up
the 22nd of dec
i’ll be hosting my traditional drinks with the chairman
in the board room (second door to left after laundry)
please rsvp my secretary or give your pledge
to mrs jenkins in reception
young sally shirley needs a ride to do kinkos
cant young simon in the mail room give her one?
jackie davis in the library has a doily for sale
and my goodness me
look at the time
7 30 in the morning here ttb time
we’ll be opening the doors soon…
have to get my uniform on
cant be slack you know
an example to set
rah rah rah!
ah here comes our first customer now…..

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