posted on October 28, 2006 at 9:05 pm

daylife saver
vegbourne melan day
blue virgin starflite
space rocker afraid of the liquid air?
we now begin our inflight servitude
judy-free gods
a deselection of whines n light smacks
up n down riding the wayward breezes
a role for u-sir
perhapps a bockle of water
swipe at your credit carp
look the latest gnus
naughty korea with avuncular possibilities
gorge w/brush n saddem alladin sane
oily praises to rise
more wars n poors
less piece of pi
narstier barstdedts comin’
yawn pete yawn
unsettled contents shift
oh not millburn again
4 thymes once a month
gimme syd-nei
plain wheels down tar, mack
take me to veegan day on planet veega
shore of rain
i bet u now
rayne, rein, rain
ha ha ha
blame nevets
my shapely calves flex n the bull flows
my twelve dig n delve string
singe that songe olde bouy
that songe you rote about the skeye
w/starrs n white chocolate starrs
w/ the twinkly firm a mint
w/ the a minorbird cord
but the base is a sharp eff
that note bort me my bunny rabbit
if you no thatslang
d. cypher
at will
if thoust darest
herein lies
mi see krette
ardour n ardour to understand
izzit love?
that maykes us wrocke?
how many nevetses in a yeblik?
how many hours in a orange?
but paye clothes attention
dont missathing
its tyre in….eye-no
y botha?
not 4 mysaik
im outta thyme
easy baybee
whatsit 2yah inny wei?
rong wei?
high rode= saliva testin’
bust mee….o no?
crash nevets gone
hchcru mustfynde gnu nevetss….?
but twinner nevar an ounce
nevets imp ostler
not reel
not jig
under stan?
ring ooo
too layte mayte….
their hear
woe no

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