posted on January 6, 2012 at 5:45 pm

coatmans ball


you would not believe my life

it has spiralled out of controlling holding patterns

the rules have evaporated or become frozen and sharded

as i said it may look easy

i have to watch out for witches

i gotta lock out all the war locks

unbelievably i gotta fight for every shekel which is mine

i go and go just to be in the same spot

anyway forgetting all that i am

working on the score to an excellent and authentic film

which may or may not be secret but its being filmed in tas

its brutal its brilliant its bloody good

but its hard work trying to get the music right

i dont usually write 15 sec snippet of an instrumental

that goes through 3 emotions

so it requires discipline

now normally my discipline works thus

the discipline section in my left brain

commands my  right brain to do something

and it coerces it until it does then it stands aside

and it lets the right brain get on with it alone

but this process requires co-op

and this is the problem

my right brain is a savant

my left brain is an idiot

good for bullying the right

but no good for working out all the best ways of organizing it…..

im working on logic now..its a beautiful thing

soon soon you will hear i will create something profoundly nice

uh huh undiluted by any outside influence

i the prime mover

will take on all tasks

singer lyricist musician composer engineer producer

and i’ll probably do the artwork as well

this record will be a new beginning it will be glorious

oh i can feel it coming thru the ether

hands on kilbey in toto ad gloriam

no outside touch shall sully my masterpiece

it will have every detail attended to by me

the old grand idiot savant master

but logic is idiot proof

even my idiot left brain is getting it sorted

enough for my right to gaze in wonderment


one can do anything one can think of

if it can be done to music …logic can do it

i got my bass i got my guitars i got my mike

i got my interfuckingface

i got my modus operandi

and gee i was recording music on my own in 1977

when most of these other cats

were still playing black sabbath in the garage

oh yes i got my modus and

some genius designed a program like this for me i guess

soon soon soon i shall unleash my beast of a solo album

meanwhile SKPers can look forward to the garageband album

and the art doco which will probably be next

it will be a big year for believers

i will make you feel like you backed a big winner

i will prevail

i will succeed


(sound of crazy old geezer being carted away in white van)



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