posted on January 7, 2008 at 5:30 am

i produced a record for kev carmody
about a long time ago in the naughty nineties
images and illusions
thats me n polinski n a whole load of others
we did it
kev is an aboriginal (i hate that word) singer songwriter
he got me in cos he read an i/view
with me
in my usual fashion
slinging off against the music biz
and he could detect a kindred outlaw spirit
its a lovely record
you should try to hear it
some very very cool stuff on here
kev n i got on well
he was every nice thing you can imagine about a bloke
and then some
unfortunately i was on the gear
which meant i didnt do as well
as when i wasnt on the gear
the gear preoccupied me
and i seemed to squeeze the rest of my life around it
including even work
and stuff
i couldnt work sick
but when i was stoned i was detached, not fully there
anyway i got invited to sing on a kev tribute record
i did images of london
i did it my way
i like it
people liked it
kev was surprised by it but loved it (apparently)
im sitting home
nk to take doodles to afternoon movie
but i stay home with woofle
whos much to naughty to take to movies
so i read paper
oh kev carmody starts thursday nite…
uh oh i better check my emails
oh im rehearsing at….200 today…!
oh not so popular with girls now
oh no that had been looking forward to see film
but im not rehearsing tomorrow i say
we wanted to go today! they all say
must get it together
rush off
sydney conserve a tori um of muusic
where i get there with 2 mins to spare
huge huge huge place
hey i didnt need all this bullshit to learn the bass
n singin’ n writin’ n producin’….
muse: this place is for real musicians, you goose
youre right
i wander around this complex
a musician lost in a music mega joint
finally some toffy violinst shows me to the kev rehearsal
a nice theatre thingy
they got a loada sharp young hired guns
and theyre rehearsing
my version of images of london
i know a few olde roadies there
i wish i could do you guys again, killer one says sadly
so do i i say knowing we couldnae afford him any longa
he does these big shows now
but he still has soft spot for los churchos
its not anything else except i just love your music he says
nice to know hes mixing me on thurs n fri i thinks to meself
i sing this song with the band
theyre total pros
the re-produce it perfectly
the md is the keyboards player has the whole thing down pat
he cues the other players like a conductor and runs the show
the players are excellent
non argumentative
they play exactly the right thing
the sound in theatre is perfect
its being filmed for a doco
we run thru it 3 times
each time more perfect than before
i tell the musicians to loosen up if they like
and they improve on the song even more
we finish up
im extremely happy
i talk to the director of kevs show
it will incorporate a lot more than just guys singin’
i saw some stuff today…bigger than ben hur
have ya gotcha tickets?
will anyone in the crowd be rooting for me?
anyhow then did intaview
about kev n our record
i dont know much about him really
i only ever did this one thing
i dont know if he knew i was on the gear
or if he thought i was just another strange producer
i never really connected with him
i never really connected with anyone when i was on dope
still a good record despite that
i learnt a bit about prejudice and tolerance
hanging around with kev
he invited me to go walking with him n his mates
in nth qld
me? i asked
yeah! said kev
your mates wont fucking like a bloke like me i say
yeah they will he said
of course i couldnt go walkabout in the desert
when i had a 300 buck a day habit…
from his perspective i saw what i hadnt thought about before
the gross gross gross injustices
kev was beaten not long before we started on our record
3 fucking idiots broke into his house a beat him
his head is bleeding from these wounds
in what became the albums cover
all the stuff that happened to him
taken away from his mother during fifties
to go to missionary schools to re-educate him into
the white mans hell
his mum would try n hide him n his brother
but the bastards’d find em n drag em off
they only could live with parents in brief holidays
the govt thought they were doing em a favour
stamping out their culture…
this is one of the stolen generations
despite this
and a million other knocks
kev was a lovely gentle geezer, a real gentleman
im looking forward to it on thurs n fri
state theatre sydney baybee
cannot buy my soul
right on!

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