posted on August 12, 2009 at 4:19 am

been having one of those days
minor irritants
silly emails
annoying conversations
my blender packs it in
in a spectacular display of soymilk all over the place
the dvd player is dead thanks to scarlet forcing it open n closed
ive lost my glasses…you know the old crooked ones
the ones i wear now are blurred
i had an eye exam
i need blah blah blah lenses at twice the cost
a massive electricity bill arrives
i have things to do but i cant get em done
i look at my unfinished painting ruefully
got no mojo to start
and i need to start….
my ears ring
my right eye like fuzz
ive become very attracted to watching larry davids show
curb your enthusiasm
i know its been out a while
but im a philistine when it comes to comedy i guess
i just accidentally watched some in sweden n i got hooked
he reminds me of me
all those molehills turning into mountains
everything getting harder cos you wanted easier
white lies turn into black holes
a chance stupid remark gets amplified
ridiculous unlikely combinations of events seem to frame you
you bang yer head
you stub yer toes
people misunderstanding when you trying to be funny
and you trying to be funny to much too hard
and nobody understands ya
and you dont understand nobody else
everybody ready to blame ya or get angry
good old larry david
his young wife even has a vague resemblance to nk
larry should be happy but everything kinda goes predictably wrong
im even starting to talk like larry
i mean do ya think i’m a schmuck, c’mon!
and yet
theres gotta be a moral
theres gotta be an answer
where is that smooth life larry should have…?
why cant everything just work out… should do…?
theres a reason this show is so incredibly funny
theres a deep lesson of life to be learned here…
for us larry david types
the ones always ruffling feathers and getting embarrassed
the ones who dont know where to draw the line…
the ones who act like a real goose even tho theyre ostensibly “clever”
surely the answer is close at hand if not already apparent…
in the meantime i watch larry negotiate every hurdle
with his usual bad luck n bad timing
he resists the universe at every turn even if only subtly
his life should be a breeze
but hes so caught up in it all
he cant see the fucking wood for the trees
we spend all our life fussing n fighting my friend
wow its hard to count your blessings
many a guy says to me
wow! they voted your song the best of all time n space…
how you feel now, maaan?
i say
its like an icon i’m dragging into my i-tunes or something
and the icon just refuses to be there
just flies back to its original spot
thats how stuff like that is to me
i cant appreciate it
i can see but cant count all my blessings
some of which are blessings in disguise..
yeah i really love watching curb yer enthusiasm
watch it and think of me
only a bit more hair
not so jewish
a beard
with aussie accent
not nearly as wealthy
and with kids
other than that you got a kilb-ish thing

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