posted on June 10, 2010 at 10:07 am

today received new kk dvd
nice one!
the total live kk experience
(in tuxedos!)
featuring evil graham lee on pedal steel
n michael evans-barker on drums n perc
here we are live at the toff
(oooh is that diamanda galah my one true fan in the front row?)
old crooner me with the crows feet n scuffed up blunnies
mutton kennedy the modest maestro concentrating on his gig
i tell you its not a bad old vid
we play our entire 1st album n
give under the milfy weigh the kk treatment
plus providence
plus exclusive sneaky preview of kk2 with “the demo”
speaking of witch
i been listening to today
and its almost finally ready
martin has again come up with some music
which is just so right for your old ‘umble hero
to stick his rag tag grab bag of lyrical tricks on top of
(oooh ended a sentence with a preposition!)
the songs are a lot more eclectic than the 1st record
some bloody good hummable tunes
with mks inimitable touch
and your old groaners smooth voice
which causes savage beasts to be soothed
and old grandma groupies to faint in their wooly stockings
wow! it really is a great record n i want ya to hear it right now…
but ya gonna have to wait
so have some patients
songs about the esoteric hodge podge
and the friction when you enter this atmosphere
you gonna love it
why bother arguing?
its at least probably the best record ever made
and thats just an understatement
it will enlighten you while it enlivens you
the sad songs’ll make ya happy
n the slow songs’ll make ya fast
kennedy is the antipodean eno
and i’m the equivalent of lying in a bath of opium
whilst reading baudelaire and shakespeare and patanjali
with yer eyes tied behind your back
doubtless it’ll go to number one all round the world
coz people here can appreciate our subtle brilliance
(when the footballs over…of course)
send me a thousand bucks now n i’ll reserve you a copy, cats
mucho love
or watt ever

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