posted on April 11, 2008 at 10:18 pm

talk about david n go-lightly
talk about uneven
the killer weighing in at 183 pounds of flesh
the poor lil bunbun girl
bbg:hey do you like japanese animation?
bbg:hey do you like japanese food?
i like age dashi dofu without the shaved fish
i like tofu teriaki
i like udon noodles
bbg:ok…do you like to visit japan , spend a little money?
quite frankly i cant afford it
bbg:ok how you like some japanese grannies come to bondi
take digital picture of your babyscarlet?
how you like a new sony lobe-implant
with clock/radio/barometer..?
we put solar panel in your head
it go and go longtime
can connect to most apple products…
what about my bass guitar?
bbg: jack or rca?
we put dock just behind ears..
cranium natural reverb chamber
no need for ampli-frier ever again…
wow bunbun girl…maybe i should come to japan after all
bbg: yes just now for only 3500 new euro dollars *
you get:
3 nights in hotel cell with free astro boy tv and snack machine
1 lump of complimentary horseradish
authentic balsa wood chop stick
get the geisha makeup treatment at mrs tonahakas hair n nails
2 tickets for scenic n historic subway ride
a visit to dae-woo factory
riuchi sacka-motos new exclusive bonzai pianos
hang out with actor who played the horse in “monkey”
by the way killazilla,
did you know that people here love new south whales?
ha ha! thats just a joke for you
if you like rocknroll
then we have the tokyo sputnik boyz
who do swedish punk band covers in japanese
or we have mika mikahoto a virtual pop star
here on japanese internet
she comes fully interactive…
parents should advise front desk
for this service to be deactivated
you can purchase any top movie at anytime
including such blockbusters as
ninja whinger: a henpecked swordsman slips up..whoops!
and the popular right now
desperately seeking bunbun girl
starring hundreds of different bun bun girls…
hang on bunbun girl…theres more than one bunbun girl?
bbg: oh yes there at least one million bunbun girls
some girls only can be onebun girl, you know
but my sister for example
she a bunbunbunbun girl or quad-bun
you can gain or lose buns you see…
are there any bunbun boys over there?
bbg: what? oh ha ha..i get from sydney.oh ha ha
no actually no bunbun boys but we have ballball boys..
i hope to marry ballball boy one day
raise little balls n buns of our own….
land of the rising bun, eh?
bbg: what…? oh you very funny
you could be dingding man in my country easy…
ok bye now
contact me on
* could be up to ten times this amount
see financial institution for more money

time being: ah, and only yesterday i was a sage….

the end

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