posted on March 31, 2012 at 2:27 am

darkest hour of the night

i’m staying here in melbourne at these apts

and my first apt was a dungeon n i asked to be moved

so they moved me to this apt upstairs

but this backs on to gay disco thingy

which starts pounding ‘orrible bleeding music

coming thru the walls

an unavoidable and irregular bang thud bang thud

that sometimes picks up momentum and resembles

a construction site

its impossible for me to sleep tho my ladyfriend can

3 in the morning the lowest point of the day

i am so tired but i could no more sleep thru this than a blizzard

one can only imagine the ferocious volume at its source

such a joyless racket so unmusical

oh i have had lotsa time to consider what this sleep depriving row is

it has but 2 bits in every song

a boom boom boom 4 to the bar kick drum sample

which sometimes turns into a stop

suddenly theres this stupid predictable little drum roll

then the whole hideous mechanical cacophony starts up again

one piece can go on for 15 minutes unswerving from its purpose

to repeat itself over and over like a replicating virus

it does not deviate for variation or originality or grace

it goes on imitating a demolition jackhammer

(at least they stop for lunch)

this is music untouched by human hand

it contains no love sustenance or life

it is dead and ennervating

its equivalent in ballet would be

someone just jumping on the spot

its equivalent in painting would be

someone flinging purple dollops at a pink sludge

its equivalent in film would be watching the same 5 frames

over n over n over then it stops n then starts over n over n over again

all at a crushing earthshaking level

that would drown out a fucking boeing 727

this is surely orwells awful future we live in

what a sad lifeless gigantic din all for nothing

a waste of electricity

a genuine dismal unbearable useless horror

not music at all actually

it has a beat but so does a dripping tap

stupefying idiot sounds rendered at a titanic volume

my idea of hell

good night all




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