posted on December 22, 2008 at 8:50 pm

a smallish but enthusiastic crowd
we played well
me raggedly but enthusiastically
we improvised a little more than last time
same set list
well received
very happy tho i wish more there
the wonderful sue c (n husband)
the marvellous iseult
the astonishing big smiles kate
who did indeed have big smiles
the dynamic duo lady di n therese
in matching blue n pink seance shirts
anakki bloody mayhem
(what a little stunner!)
who was sufficiently inspired to
form her own group)
my brother russell (who i slept with)
and lovely amy scully

capt mission
sir david r , prince among accountants
george the handsomest cabbie in the world
petaluma who did my merch
nelg looking healthy
margot smith
a lovely lady who gave me a bottle of jaeger
i wasnt expecting it
and the boys n i sat
absentmindedly drinking the stuff
and hit the straps half pissed
my bass was outta tune n tuner not working
i made a few mistakes in my half pissed
cookied up, slightly speeding
excited nervous condition
we had some great jams
ricky switched on his raagini
(an artificial tamboura drone)
and i sang hey krishna hey rama
hey vishnu narayana
i felt some energy pour into my sweaty head
little lights lit up on my bass
showing me where to put my fingers
an autocue spewed the words behind my eyes
everything was swimming before my eyes
the band pounded down like a beauty
william bowden…what a find!
scott von ryper …ditto
ricky maymi who is sick of reading his fuckin’ name
on this fuckin’ blog….hes a modest guy
but he rocks with a vengeance
he loves anything
he is the nazz
and the ultimate good vibes man
scott had a perfect gig from where i stood
i’m not sure what those 2 were doing a lot of the time
but i sure loved it so i let it wash over me
like the shoalhaven river just near braidwood
william called in the random spirits of the air
teepee the drummer
was huge
he did his usual incredible gig
what a drummer!
a rock i could n can depend on
4 very nice human beings
each excelling in some particular area
before the show
i did an interview with noise tv
watch sbs next weekend
i was a little over the top
some of my personae escaped
a curt n poufy tv presenter
a drunken scotsman berating the music biz
(complete with bad accent)
a drunken snobby old english git
a fool
an idiot
and a cretinous moron
all gleefully portrayed by moi
my wife was there
she looked beautiful
and was enthusiastic about my performance
and showed her appreciation in many ways
i did ok with merch
but didnt sell many prints
but sold a few cards
unfortunately (holly)
i gave some prints to the band for chrimbo
and one to m kennedy…
other painkiller facts
after strong smell in club
we were told to smoke our dope outside…
we said : we are smoking it outside!
for dinner i had bruschetta chips n pumpkin n macadamia soup
ricky scott n william all smoke cigarettes
william n tim like red wine
scott likes beer
i like jaeger
according to babysitter
the doodles went down easy
but the woofle batted on
n on n on n on
feeling good n refreshed today
guess what
i have 3 cds of new painkiller to listen to
i aint heard it before
this is whole band on second album…raw material
jorden brebach did a great mix!
hes also currently mixing new c. album
in his orange room studio in surry hills
i incorporated chrimbo carols into some songs
i wore a painkiller t shirt
my free david jones jeans
black socks
black boots
black underpants
two gold earrings
an expression of bewilderment
my bass being outta tune threw me for a loop
i was confused during first n second song
my e string was miles out
we finished on every hour god sends
grant came up with that title
when i was mocking him saying
grant works every hour god sends…that poor man…
he turned it around
it could be the theme song for 21 12 2012
i’m goin’ swimming now n taking the girls


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