posted on January 16, 2007 at 8:45 pm

im listening to solaris soundtrack
its 7 am as usual
yessaday took aurora to otho-dontist
bad news:
he puts a piece of ice on tooth but no feely
good news: xray reveals no “absorbtion”
(i dunno what absorbtion is but she aint got it n thats good)
eve n a very well behaved at orthos
theyre charming kids actually
open n outgoing
why was i such a sullen turkey?
aurora really reminding me of a giant rabbit more n more
both the doodles have huge white front teeth
making em look like chip n dale
why do americans usually have perfect teeth?
my teeth are mediocre british standard issue
prone to decay n yellowing
nk does not have one filling
neither doodles either
despite fair amount of various chockys
when i was 7 i had a head full of quicksilver
on warm overcast days by the sea
i could tune into a poetic dimension
with one of my fillings
and baudelaire n lautremont would fill my
infant brain with phrases
straight from the otherside
through the mercury
and into my sinuses
up my nose
into my tiny mind
i also had a piece of wood
which had once been in a field
outside vinnny van go!s studio
and it knew all his tricks
but my paintings n my stick
were destroyed in the floods of 62
am i digressing?
frankie x k from the emmy-railed aisle
came over for dinner
and i drank one corona
the yobbos downstairs had another barby
and i fuckin marched downstairs
and the conversation went something like this…..
9 pm chez kilb
frankie xk n killer the thriller plus ms nk n bumper
are sitting in the kitchen
listening to the killer drone on
with another boring anecdote
however the warm night air
and the mexican beer
have caused a gentle drowsiness to descend
the killer: blah blah me i i blah myself blah me blah
the others : z…z….mmm…? zzzz…….
suddenly the unmistakable odour of lighter fluid n smoke wafts in
the killer jumps up outta his chair
“whats this….?”
before anyone can stop him
with a head full of steam
the killer is down the stairs
yep theres a yob
in fact theres a load of yobs n yobettes
and one yob has got this small flamethrower
and hes trying to coax the chemical briquettes into flame
by blasting them with his nauseating little napalm gun
the yobs all gasp
and the head yob with the fire thrower turns to face me
hes about 23…24 and like all the others
of some dusky ethnicity that makes em pronounce
the word nice as noice
and talk very loudly n have barbies
i see his eyes in the moonlight and their full of…..
in my best peter from zoo story voice
i start up and all my reason has gone out the window
“now look here, you simply cant have, er, ..this barbeque here!
its right under my window and our place is full of fumes…and the baby…
and …”
yob: “wouldjya like us ta moove it?”
me” well of course i want you to move it…that is if…”
yob” i dont want youse goiys bein’ unhappy!”
me(now im really taken aback n flustered) : “oh…!”
yob: “should we put it over there” (indicates as far from house as poss)
me:”oh ok” (but its dawnin’ on me its gonna be even worse)
yob:” gee we hope this ll be ok for youse goiys”
and all the yobs n yobettes join in
and move all their plates of meat n bottles of grog n cigarettes
very politely..and without any rancour..over to the said spot
five minutes later we got all doors n windows shut
but my house smells like mongolian barbeque pit
on lard lovers night
i dont think the yobs are just doing steak..
i can smell the even more ‘orrible stink of sausages (mystery bags)
and now to top it all off the yobs are noice
as i glare down from my window
practically sobbing n choking from the stench in the wake of their din-dins
…and remember folks
one mans meat IS another mans fucking poison
and theyre smiling up at me
happy in the knowledge that their nice little barby
is no longer upsetting that strange old fella up stairs
the one with all those kids and the greyblue falcon
after all, they are now where he asked em to be….
farankie xk has enuff off my dismayed grizzling
and asks to be taken home
when i get back
nk is lying in livingroom watching a doco
we both feel dejected about the yobs
but now its even worse
cos theyre compliant!
no suggestions please!
and bon bon
its 12 the noise has to stop
not 10, i asked the cops
today im going onna bushwalk
with russell k
michael h
frankie xk
talking of russell hes been talking about a visual blogge
for me soon
also have recorded the wrong road by grant mc
will come out on trib record in aug

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