posted on June 16, 2007 at 9:26 pm

eat what you like fiendss
ive led the donkeys to water
but i cant make em drink
the things i first said in 1972
when i became vegetarian
are coming true
people are now seriously considering animal rights
in 1972 people laughed scorned and ridiculed me
for such ideas
i realise
as i realised then
with any great upheaval in the human race
when we move on
and leave our ignorance behind
and move forward
towards a goal of peace prosperity and progress
we will have to leave behind things like
female circumcision
slaughter of beasts
deeds that are perpetrated on weak or silent creatures
deeds that generate blood and shame and horror
i have found meat eaters grasping at the most ridiculous rationales
to justify what they know in that part of them
where god lives
in there
they know the real horror of what they consume
or are as yet
so thick
so unthawed by love and life
to remain impervious to the true horror of meat
and the way it boomerangs back on us
the killers become the killed
the pro meat comments here
are hardly worth my time demolishing
the proofs in the pudding baby
im fifty 2 and i can outrun outswim out play
out party and out anything else
most of ya who eat meat
whatever yer age
i churn out art n music
decent art n music
i raise my kids to be veg n theyre strapping n smart
their features are fine and beautiful
and their hearts are not weighed down with meat
i drive vans n cars for a thousand miles
i still jump out and rock n scream for 2 hours
i go to bed at 3
i jump out at 7 and do yoga for an hour
i say what the fucks happening
and i start all over again
my hair although its getting wispy
has hardly any grey
i never get sick
i defeated heroin baby n lived to tell the tale
and please baybee
dont tell me cos i was a junkie
that i aint got no right to preach anti meat
i laugh at your feeble protestations for meateating
your guilt pushes you to absurd limits
i invite all unrepentent meat eaters to depart
dont clogg up my comments with your silliness
im a veg till the day i die
and please
oh the homeless…..
what have the homeless got to do with vegetarianism again?
always meat eaters who come up with the “thickest” things
and thats no wonder really
so why write it?
you aint never gone a change me
i would no more eat meat than eat dirt
actually i know what i prefer
ive heard it all before
this is my blogge
i dont wanna hear about microscopic organisms in the air
or carrots screaming
or the homeless
or ants you trod on
or my ex junkydom
or the lions n cheetahs
or the farmers
or how tired you felt
when you stopped with the pork for a week
adolf hitla
how chicken is alright
how you need the iron
baby i heard it all
a hundred years ago
if you wanna eat meat go ahead
please dont sully my pages with your nonsense
any of ya
with whatever connection you think you have to me
respect this
no i do not respect your right to eat meat
and i dont wanna hear about it
it depresses me
it fatigues me
it brings me down
i am connected to all life
and the slaughter is horrifying me
i cant understand what kind of unfeeling person
can go on with it as it is
and i sure dont want them airing their views here
no more do i want people advocating war n rape n pillage
thats it
you never gonna cower me
i dont respond to come on killer chill out
tell us about fucking heyday
no more meat killer
youre boring us….
sorry pal
its gotta be perfectly clear
if you eating meat
you never really gonna be my friend

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