posted on October 23, 2007 at 4:25 am

yeah i know you little lambs are aching for your painkiller
oh rest ass-ured my children
it slowly is wending its way across the universe next door to you
its so good for you
a musical aphrodisiac from king rude daddy longblogs
painkiller * painkiller * painkiller *
soothe your aching nerves
stimulayte your mmm mmm
oh painkiller you sweet thing
consolation of the loveless
oh so much new new wild sense-ation
love reaction
that pumping bass guitar
killer you play dumb bass
round and fat and expensive
thrumming and coming
painkiller warning do not operate secret machinery
do not take with alcohol or a month with a seafood in it
not for breast feeding muses
not for the elderly infants
painkiller is a herbal natural synthesis
of finest available orgasmic ingredients
including pounding drums
grinding guitars
urging voices
painkiller is completely gluten free
painkiller available in one size fits or too badde for you
painkiller stays at astral travel lodges
painkiller recommends other steve kilbey products
painkiller say goodbye to headache and mens true cramps
say goodbye to unsightly thighs and botched brazilians
say hello to the gnu yew
say hello to a bright future hand in hand with painkiller
painkiller rock hard live long
painkiller hippy astronaut waitless
effects peddles!
mike r’foans!
string theories!
machine and sticky heads!
drums ticks!
here are a free sample of lyrics
here are some of the chords used
a bad gag
b flat or b sharp
gee sus diminished
here are some of the praises criticks have heeped on painkiller
its ok
sorry he didnt listen to it
is it finished yet?
coming sooner than you thought
later than you hoped
earlier than expected
expected any year now

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