posted on June 20, 2007 at 2:12 am

hurry cane
storm und drain
winds lash north bondi
rain comes down in ye olde buckettes
the fambley wander the deserted beach in the afternoon
a guy runs past
theres whales out there
he yells in the mist of the rain and his exertion
we look out to sea
sure enough some huge beautiful beast launches itself up n out
the doodles n nk cheer
i feel a deep warmth
yes this is a lovely place our earth
oh thank you vishnu for the whales
thank you for this immense black thing that just leapt
from the roiling rolling grey sea
on this cold bleak day
i find myself warm inside with a contented easiness
muse: or was that pam n perrys victorian organic heads?
no no muse
and then a mother of one of the doodles friends
who i know to be hungarian
comes along
“are there whales out there?” she says
yep n when you see em you’ll say “kusunum se pen”
ha ha ha she says
its my one little tiny bit of hungarian
which rubbed off on me
thank you
the guys in the wonderful heaven street seven
taught it to me
it took fucking ages to even begin to pronounce it
so they didnt all wince and giggle
i was glad that yon hungarian woman could understand it…
yeah the weathers been wilde here my little piglets
sweet oblivious disciples
vicious detractors
sneering enemies
ambivalent bystanders
detached well wishers
curious blow-ins
long term devotees
nobles of the realm
tender virgins
rambunctious olde fiendss
teutonic wunderkinds
blind angels
lovely sexy vegans
ugly olde killers
whatever your category…
some of you may straddle categories
izzy..or what?
some of you may be interested to know
that despite 15 degree water
huge waves and mucho marine detritus
i still plunged into the baby pool
this smorning
the big pool was a’closed due to monstrous swell
(ooohh mr humphries…!?)
so the lonely shivery killer did his good lapps in the babby poole
another guy hopped in for a moment
waved at me
felt the temperature
and the murky viscosity of the water
and smartly pissed off
i stay in and do the equivalent of ten lapps in bigge poole
the pool smells like a freaking fish market
i do not abide fishy smells very well
i spontaneously vomited one day
when in my callow youth
i accidentally stuck a prawn cracker in my gob
as soon as my mouth closed around the foul thing
my body convulsed in a bout of retching
thus is the horror i hold for crustacean life (eating i mean)
oh god there are dead n live crabs in the pool all the time
how do you fucking eat stuff like that?
any way i jump in ye olde sauna
and im amazed by the way my veins start popping out
all over my legs n ankles
as i start to warm up
some divinely brilliant n silent mechanism
makes our veins come out when its too warm in the flesh
and go in when it gets too cold
a little like a mans testicles i guess
all these clever little processes happening
ah life!
i hadda dream the othernight
and in it i was i was in this beautiful garden
(oh fiendss i love a nice garden!!)
and the sky was azure blue
the flowers blazed yellowgold
flame red
and there were small birdies fiendss
and butterflies with white and black wings
and i thought
oh i love life
and then
and then the weight of my 52 years fell down heavy
and i realised
really realised in reality
how little time i really have left
and how much i didnt want to be olde and at the end
i wanted to be burning in the fire of eternal perpetual youth
the luxury of time
the future stretching out before me full of promise
instead of this past hanging off me like a shadow
bitter regrets
all the stupid things i said
no one has said more stupid things than me
in that tone of voice i hate hearing myself talk in
the way i used to be mosta the time
and now only summa the time
i hate(d) the olde me
is it possible
for a mangey panther to change his(quick smoke at) spots?
(when is a box not a box?)
you know how georgie w(anker) bush
you know that fun lovin’ environment crusading
peacenik and genius prezzi-dent
well remember that he was a coke snortin'(and dealing?)drunk driving
draft dodging tax evading ratbag who only stayed outta trubble
cos of nepotistic bigge daddie bushie
anyhow he one day just goes
oh im reborn!
i aint responsible for my boozy druggy wild debauched(sigh) days
im reborn now
that means i get to wipe the slate clean
and its not kosher to ask me about that stuff anymore
(and unbelievably the fucknuckle press swallow this ploy)
well anyway
you asking
yeah yeah whatsthis gotta do with thee ttb
well im like georgie
except it really happened to me
and hes just fuckin’ acting
if hes a christian then i’ll be blowed
(mr humphries…….???!!!)
and im the real deal
except istill talk about the olde days
we both got twins and cute american wives….??!!
and we both changed
except of course that he didnt
and hes the most powerful gink in the world
and im a broken powerless nobody with a 2 bit blogge
but him in the imaginary rebirth into the spirit (like hell)
me in the crucible of addiction then swimming/yoga/blah blah blah)
muse : jesus, what a cliche ….
yes its a cliche but cliches are cliches for a reason
oh god! grants dark side of town comes on my ipod
with karin singing backing vox
grant put this on his best-of solo records just out
its a real sad song
i cant believe its just come on my shuffle
karins vox are so poignant
what a sad little song…
pretty and fragile
grant will you give someone else a tern on my ipodd?
where wazzi?
that takes a bitta recovering from…
oh yeah
so you see….
ive forgotten

ps welcome back pretty little kitty kat

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