posted on May 1, 2011 at 8:05 pm

see sick

oh my

kitten kaboodle

you made me laugh in the middle of next week

right out the other side of my face

into the softest night now you can run free

down by the sure thing

around the square

feline made a beeline

kitten kaboodle with a little poodle

kitten not smitten merely bitten

ooh a big red car gonna run you over there

you think i care?

theres a nice honest mouse that lives in that house

i bet he tastes nice (if you like fucking mice)

he licks up your tears

maybe after years n years n years n years

and after many many beers

he’ll appear not so queer

its hilariously sad

so sanely mad

so goodly bad

transparently obvious

obviously transparent

he shower you with gift

oh brother he smother you with love

he take you to bondi vet

he give you anything i bet

he’ll gobble the morsels you chuck him

all you gotta do is……

oh well theres always a catch

close yer kitty eyes ( he’s half yer size)

think of england natch

it wont take too long

not like his song

that seems to go on n on n on n on

at night if you can still get out

i bet you soon out n about

looking for a much bigger rat kitty kat

and now

thats that!





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