posted on July 6, 2009 at 11:17 pm

last nite
what does it matter now
we jump in the cars and drive some more
past terrible factories where people die for their living
past nice little streets with nice little houses
past alleyways and broken down buildings
jumped up border guards
who solemnly say
with no hint of irony:
sir, i’m protecting my country
and hes got that fervent look
and you know hes a bit mad mad mad
and the huge utes and wagons roll past
and the macdonalds got it all sewn up
a million truckstops
a million heart attacks
a million acres gone
but the earth aint infinite
when will it all give….?
yes i briefly met peter hammill
who is slender and quiet
like a oxford professor
i eat my dinner too close to show n go on feeling sluggish
after show i go back to hotel fleapitt and i sleep for 11 hours
still feel knackered today
still feel like a daze
a permanent reverie
i get angry if any one asks me anything
my reverie is rubbery an achey haze
we roll into buffalo
well its like a dead city downtown here
i get lucky we stay at the hyatt
nice room n everything
can you see it in the picture?
up high with a view over the city
the weather is overcastish n nondescriptish
the streets are emptyish
the town seems half closed down
is it a holiday here i ask someone
oh no no no no…they laugh n shake their heads
the theatre district seems emptyish too
hardly a person anywhere
is this the recession or what?
i go up to my room n sleep some more
all the late nights /early mornings come back n haunt me
sometimes i feel like i dont care
and it fills me with vertigo to not care
sometimes i’m just going through the emotions onstage
the words n notes come n go
a series of symbols i invented once
a long way from the source
i stand here somewhere
playing to these tables n chairs n these glasses of wine
what more could you want
what more could you expect
i shake peoples hands but my mind is far away
i pull my haze down over my head
yoga seems like a struggle with myself
i eat too much sugary rubbish
outside buffalo is most uninviting
the opposite of rome or melbourne with their bustling/hustling
buffalo seems deserted
the odd person wanders along
i cant go out there tonite and walk about
where to?
i am trapped within my hotelwomb
spending the summer up in buffalo
i wonder about that song i wrote
maybe it all happened in another world
maybe the city was something else
maybe i sit here now listening to popol vuh
its almost 8 in the even
ing and a weak sun tries for a last bit of shining
the weather is neutral
its like nothing
i look out over bridges trees houses
a city set up for winter
i feel more lonely than ever
as the tour comes to an end
i feel quite desolate
not because i dont want the tour to end
but some kinda angst….will this be the last
how can we ever turn it all around?
touring you love it and hate it
some nights youre on fire
some nights youre flat n weak
some knights are off
but to do what?
yoga …i guess
and rest a little
before the last hectic bit
tomorrow night buffalo
the night after n.y.c.
that should be chaos n mayhem in a nutshell
hadda nuff
see you later
i see we still have a little voice of a carping turkey
plaguing my comments
can you imagine the tedious jealousy that fuels his every word..?
oh…and i gotta get my eyes re-aligned
the left one is 4 inches above the right!
the ugly bastard

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