posted on January 9, 2006 at 10:35 pm

bonjour fiendss
i have no idea what im gonna write today
im in a diffrent caff for a start
its actually a convenience store
with a few computahs in ye olde window
a little bit o’l’initative
a quick cokey colah
a bit o la gelatine sweeties
a munch o monosodium gluteous korne chipps
which reappear
as chipps on yer shoulder
a packet of paradise beach lights 50s
(have your own sea
in yer lungs)
a gossip raggy or two
oh you mean fabulously welfy
aktas get happy and sad
and fat and finn
and marrid and schplittsky
and bourne and dye….
and the pictures to prooove it
any way
someone has left my preset button on rant
and had cause to hit it HARD
my attack is turned way up
no release
no decay
total sustain
im jus’ gonna adjust the ole sk
software here
im gonna tweak a few dials
hang on……
sound of seat being put in
from a distance we hear.
look…hello…can i just reserve my computah for a few secs
yeah no. 2 in ye olde windowe
yeah i know i’ll keep on paying…

ok im back
i smoked a joint of maui wowie
i took some owsley lsd
i did extract of condensed chi gong-y
prana yawna
swam the bay
wrestled a giant “straight”
who had risen from its murky bed
and had tried to drag me down to its lair
to feed me to its
ravenous young
so here i am
the way you expect me
washed and ready to read
new leaf turn over
thats the way
im always here you know
voices in my head tell me
what to write
they compete
i already told you that
sk basically just a machine
that selects the voices
a mental chairmaan
ok mr rant, what have you got to say fer yerself…?
alright mr sentimentle how was bully high today…?
mr jealous, whos character will ya ass sass inate tooday
mr modest…ahh we dont hear much from you…do we…?
mr humble……where you been druid?
mr show off….no you done had yer say for today
mr arty, got any etchings?
mr druggy, please wake up
mr funny, are you in charge of this section???

long breaths
must relax
my brain is storming
mem o rees
soother nears

where was i?
all over the plaice
where were you?
we were here
why do i pretend to answer
for some 2nd party
when its just me?
we dont know either

swedish gurlss last day
in austrayliah
sk understandably a little misty
get over it olde beane
strange to have teenage daughters
and all the rest of it
dont lay no boogie woogie
on the king of rocknroll
mah dortahs…
how can 2 identical people
be so different
like 2 different singers
doing the same lovely song
emphasising different bits
harder and softer
on opposite things
so alike that i still confuse em,
much to their chagrin

and so at completely
opposite ends of the
whole deal

someone said to me
i dunno how 1 manne
can have 5 beautiful daughters..?!
i go
ha ha yeah…
but later
i think of all the things that
go wrong
and i feel blessed
and grateful
thus far
because my daughters are
not a badde lot
(as modern kidss go)

roxette on radio
i do not mourn their demise sir
waste of three minutes
of yer preshuss time
listen to yer heart indeed
if they hadda done that
that woulda nae have written
this fucking tripe

oh mr rant
your back….!

hot steamy day in sydney
sun breaks thru black cloudies
wham bang
you got some serious hugh middity, bubba
never mind
canberra was hot and dry
emphasising the fact that
yer in
the middle
of nowhere

my olde house
which in my day
sat on top
of a hot dry hill
is now a mansion
replete w/
willows a weeping
tropical lanscapin’
cape kodpiece
stucco stuccorl ovah it
transformed, my patrons
the phantom yooffull sk
flitting its corridors
violin basse strapped on
at all times
pudding bowl prince valiant
flannel shirty levi faded
washed out pimple creamed
marc bowlin’ on the wall
my dad says
only clever thing about that bastard
is that he can spell tyrannosaurus

maybe the new owners
can still faintly hear
25 or 6 to 4
going round and round

well believe it or knot
but thus far
la blogge has taken up nearly an hour
in that time
a load a awful music
on ye olde radioh
loads o nasty munchies
and tocksick sodahs
wracked up

what a spot for an olde bohemian jeanius
upfront in the window
of ye olde fucken conveenients store
everyone together now
i’ll get over it fiends
im sensitive
but im tough too
i will survive
i did it my whey
hey hey

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