posted on March 15, 2008 at 8:24 pm

after journeying thousand lightwaves
time being in excelsis
yer breaking up
myriad stained glassed lives
falling alone
amazed by what i am
crawling into the patterns left
my little wife holds me as i leaving
somewhere where she is….
i have left the first circle behind me know
voices whisper beware time being
my lost paintings have found me out here
tumble through the florid hues
violet, violet blue, oh magenta, oh fluorescent orange
my steve kilbey face collapses
my hands shaking
oh my shoulders aching aching aching
does his little wife know how he aches out here…?
who can relay this message back to her?
whats this ones name?
careful boys, hes still warm n breathing…
someone musta made a mistake me lovelies
i dont know abaht none of that, my sweeties
i just process em as thet come in
i dont make the rules
n i dont ask no questions neever
surely he wont be allowed sir…….
look, my lovelies
wrap ‘im up n let god sort ‘im out
which god sir
which god do we fuckin’ send this geezer to…?
send ‘im to blinkin’ kali, my boys
send him all the way down th’ bloody line
watch you talkin’ ’bout there…?
this un cant be delivered….not yet
why not chief…?
well ‘is little bloody wife still ‘olding onto ‘im…for a start
no problem sir
send me send me
i’ll go sir
i’ll go up there n ‘ave a little talk with ‘er
no you bloody wont! no you bloody wont, you know
(many sibilant whispers)
this aint right….
whats ‘e think ‘e’s bloody doing
shut your row number 13
youre bloody unlucky, swot you are
‘e’s a jinx sir
chuck ‘im overboard sir
keelhaul the swab, mr bloody christian..!
easy as she goes , you pack of rats
(he ain’t dead yet this one….shhhh!)
dont like the sound of that cough sir
dont like the look of his bloomin’ fever
(sssh…they must know what theyre doing up there….eh?)
softly softly , lads
i dont like where this ones going though
shh sshhh keep your bloody mouves shut
oooh i keep shuddering though boys
shuddering at the thought of it
whats all that…?
thats ‘is bad bloody karma
see if ‘e can escape it this time then, eh?
‘ave the boys upstairs finished the paperwork, then?
not yet…so keep bloody working…
sir, kali says she dont wanna see ‘im yet
sir, she said send the bastard back
what the devil….?
sir, she said send the bastard back!
back to the little wife….
back to the flowers n the sky…
oooh ‘e’s a lucky one, our steven
give ‘im a kiss boys, ‘e’ll be back for long
dont none of you get no ideas now
(cor, think of it though…the wife…the flowers..)
(a chorus of disgruntled voices)
the sky…
the trees….
and the bloody clouds, lads, remember the clouds..
‘e dont bloody deserve it
‘e dont bloody deserve none of it!
kali said theres no such word as deserve
kali said shes still waiting patiently for ‘im
she’s in no bloody hurry, lads
look boys
stop talkin’ about bleedin’ kali
and ship this one back out
outbound sir
i am i am i am i am
like a snort of amnesia
up all of yer noses
not what the man in the street supposes

like an aphid in the roses…..

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