posted on March 24, 2006 at 12:19 am

hello you blogge craving monsters
even though im very bizzy
here i am
writing to/for ya
fer free!!??
no strings attached
oh im so impressed by my own largesse

today mwp and i are playing live
on the richard glover show
abc radio
we’ll be on around 3 ish
but dont ask me what we’re playin’
i dunno
(but deffo not under the etc etc etc!!)

i been thinkin about things
painting a bit
trying to paint with a baby on yer lap should be
an olympic event
specially as lil baby bouncer
is now grabbing everything in sight
so i gotta keep her away from everything
and still reach the painting myself
shes real quick too
and she loves the tubes of paint
so its quite a performance getting it done
boy, the bouncer sure likes music tho
we listen to exile on main st
we listen to a beard of stars
we listen to tin mine
this confuses the bouncer
she can hear my voice coming from all over the place
she chirrups and bounces around
sometimes she complains when shes hadda nuff
long trebly ululations of discontent
i dunno how i gotta long without her
it seems like weve known each other for eternity
(im sure we have…)
vishnu told me she was gonna be a good one
and she is
funny how she implies so much without saying even a word
shakespeares later plays all had babies in em
it really gives a promise of the continuity of life

so monday n tuesday nite loomin’ large
cant wait to strap on me blunt instrument
and bludgeon the audience to life
something really nice going on for the chchru
a period of detente
perestroika, maybe
i dunno
i just love playin w/ these olde druids
we move in
cover each other
lay out
lay in
its called gestalt baybee
its harde to get
it takes a lotta years to find
thats why we cant brake up
coz its taken too long to
become this goode
we are actually the real deal
we aint contextual
we can really play
youre gonna love it
youre gonna name yer 1st born after me
we gonna take ya up there
where the air is rare
if you dont dig this mess
you got the wrong address
im sorry it aint electric gittars
but we still gonna fuckin rock for ya baby
electric or no
it doesnt matter
it will be the best thing you ever heard
or you can give me the money back
jus’ turn off yer moby…ah thats right
put down the gossip rag
(parisnbrads lovechild dietfaceliftrehabanorexiahell!)
turn off yer telly
call pam n perry
roll up a spliffy or 2
put yer paisley knickers on
dig out yer olde sing songs t shirt
and yer tight black genes
yer beatle boots
and peace medallion
and get down that gig
prepared to be blown away
my charisma can induce orgasms from 20 paces
and bring yer credit cards
so you can buy plenty of loverly chchru mchre
thats it
3 or 4 days to go
can ya wait?
i cant…
stevie kay

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