posted on May 27, 2009 at 8:46 am

giving off heat
my eye blurred
crash in your street
like a baby bird
yeah like a starling
like a cowling
like a white wolfe howling
a thousand little pins on that angels head
a thousand little pricks that puncture her thread
weighed down like a rock and rolling
falling out of eden
falling out of braintree lane
a white thing moves across a screen
the phone rings
a hand answers
a mouth holds on far away
a voice comes on the line
a scratching sound like rats in a ceiling
a voice from the past wheezes into life
i cant stop it from starting up
the telegraph wire stretching in the sun
the voice appears to be coming from somewhere else
a city by a sea in a faraway time
when honest bold men sailed great ships full of treasure
and women sang in the fields and
dance in the bedrooms
and the prince scaled his beloveds wall
and they sat by a tranquil pool
and the moon came along singing that song
yes it was like the sound of the tides
and the king appeared
the king of brazil
and he walked down the mountain
in a cloud of cocaine
and his feathered slaves screamed in union
and feats were performed
and time was perforated along the edge
and jesus still in the amazon with his panther
and iggy pop in his silver pants sings
soul radiation in the dead of night….
and paris judges between power intelligence and love
and no one thinks to take all three
did the goddess of love really have to bribe him?
i mean
how goodlooking do you imagine helena troy to be?
and after the war
she justa went home
like nothing happened
but it wasnt her fault
she had just been a mortal bribe
a blushing bribe
she sings to paris
you made me love you
i didnt wanna do it
i didnt wanna do it
paris sings to her
your eyes
who sees
lies ahead
your mouth
who knows
eyes ahead
and then she sings
i love paris in the moonlite
i love paris in the fall
and he sings
i know this will end in tears…
the audience are the departed
and now even they have departed
steve kilbey has left the billows
the seapool is frothy like white wine
the morning pumps like an orgone accumulator
the raindrops pitter patter thinner fatter
we test drive an old bomb and it runs outta gas
we walk miles thru the rain in anycity
the grey and smoky blackbricked walls
the hopeless noise and dust
we all look up to the sky
the king of high brazil is a golden man
he is every race combined
he gracefully waves his sceptre
and the waves stop rolling
i am the new christ …he says in esperanto
so all can clearly understand
this is the new jerusalem/babylon
indicating a gated suburb of brasilia
a brief chariot ride
we watch the beheading of a sacrifice
we climb the one thousand steps to meet
the feather legged god of death
the king of high brazil says
lets get high
and he rolls up a one million euro note
and produces a small mirror
as i snort up eternity
i catch sight of myself
my tired old beak
my long droopy ears
my poisonous fangs
my bedraggled old wings
my blunt claws
my glaring third eye
am i such a monster ? i ask
only in certain lights…says the high king
and he slaps me on the back
do you know why you called that music the blurred crusade?
he asks me as we stand on a bridge between our two worlds
no …i say shrugging my shoulders…
he continues
because what we’re fighting for not even we understand…
i see all of high brazil stretched before me
go …he says
you have always been high brazilian
i walk off into the jungle
why its….lemuria…
i turn to look at the high king
hes high by now
very very high
drunk upon his throne of love
and beautiful naked angels too
doing a neo classical dance routine
yes my son
he says
high brazil
all for the price of one
the jungle opened and admitted me
snakes purred at my feet
monkeys followed me on twitter
jesus and his mangy panther
just like they always said it would be
when i was a childe

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