posted on October 21, 2009 at 7:30 am

well lakshmi n saraswati go into a bar
they dont
why would they?
lakshmi the goddess of fortune
saraswati the goddess of music n art
if you ever get those ladies on your side….
what do you have to do to get their attention….?
imagine this supernatural guiding light
the gift
the masterpiece
the esteem
the kudos
the grace
the knowledge
i wish i wish i wish i hope
perceive the singularity approaching
tiny differences cause huge deviations
artists are born and made
look carefully
listen hard
go soft
watch out
goddesses in some imaginary heaven
whose to say
bestowing their favours willy nilly
the money and the art….oh wouldnt it be nice
it doesnt work like that does it
its like
you take these ideals
fortune and art personified
and you focus on them maybe at first
breaking thru into fuller realizations of what they represent
let them in let them in
listen if they say something
its a subtle tongue they will talk in
you have to disengage yer mind
but dont concentrate
wait for patience to come
ponder the levels of interconnection
unlock it for yourself using the keys you found
ask the goddesses for help
it cant hurt…can it..?

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