posted on December 2, 2013 at 10:02 pm
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in this house where nothing is mine only gods

a gracious spirit has passed by bringing us some sweet music

holy harmony of long gone jericho maybe ripped from horn

i remember the hanging gardens of nineveh i dreamed in my tomb

yes there were angels but they were terrible to look upon

with great wings beating cobalt void

voices calling heavens language into the ether

but i have wandered from both my oath and path

in brothel and opium den god still see through men

down every wire the liar is trapped again

the muse i sought was not so easily bought

the discontent of winter gave way to summers blazing bloom

in a courtyard in israel where the camera flare

and music comes like the most perfect distance approaching all whirling strangest strings

flinging things from its centre the music enters from above

covering the plains and planes of men with the strains of gods own song

oh if you can bear to hear it oh mortal man

every drum in every world and worlds we cannot even apprehend my friend

beating out the heart of gods name in blood like flame

suddenly i am eventually reduced to moaning my poem in the dirt of this earth

i crawl and trawl through my desert bible moses madman mayhem

let my people go

i let my people go to the city of sin and sodom down by the transparent sea

there was a bitch of a devil and she was waiting for me

i am an angel too she spat into a darkening storm that hovered high

as she pull out my eyes so i could see she was as blind as me

this nightmare world is gone come morning somewhere i care about

but the question of evil is not leaving so easy just to please thee

god intervene in this dream i sure as silent scream

god in a field in the bright land beyond death

your cross is grown over now in flowers of light

so absorbed in eternal perfection and wondering aloud

each word is a song some world will one day sing

each world slips created into time and is at once complete

oh everything is already there

nothing begins nothing ends

the music composed once lasts in the air forever

it is the very weather it is the birds and it is the fish

its the howling nether beasts who may not exist

oh fox mind siren who sings from her cove

and crazy maenad ripped orpheus for love

music is dripping from gods fingers child i guarantee it

if i couldnt be his singer why would i be it?

i play the blues down in the swamp the monsters come and see it

i arctic harp in the frosted halls and walls under the blackest vault

the women lie close to me to keep their bodies warm they say

but when the darkness comes some hands under my shirt begin to play

through this ice roof i feel his eyes although no surprise

in this wintered cloak we entered underground through a burnt oak

the mulled wine with its almonds and raisins was warm

soon a swarm of shadows had gently enfolded me in sleep

and after that

there were no memories i was allowed to keep

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