posted on July 18, 2016 at 10:34 am
oh no its me

oh no its me

las vegas is the city of sin sun and strippers

yeah yeah yeah

as hot as all fuck

lotsa weird people running around

we play in a place half bowling alley half gig

strike baby!

the church kick a bit of a goal

we certainly transcend and for 30 minutes i feel like apollo

the crowd are going nuts

i turn to my right and blonde with big knockers and tattoos

she’s screaming and waving her armsĀ at me having an orgasm or sump thing (i presume?)


we are pretty damn slick and good

tantalised back in the set gets things off sizzlingly

and we never look back

i run around truly pointlessly

just letting em admire my fitness and flexibility

the lunges and swoops and stumbling around

while holding down that beat

for a while it seems I’m doing the most important thing in the world

afterwards outside in a courtyard smoking weed with a friend

it seems like a million degrees and i’m living in the future

the weed the gin the jet lag all multiply each other

i’m falling pleasantly asleep under the desert moon and stars

the ferris wheel goes round slowly

the billboards pump new products

i go back in and watch the last bit of the furs who are having a good night

at about 2 i jump on the bus and my bunk swallows me whole

until i arrive here in costa mesa cal at some festival thingy

about to have me veg dinner

lotsa love




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