posted on February 1, 2006 at 12:02 am

hello my little darlin’s
olde dj stevie k in da house
how are you today?
i trust youre well….
probably just need a lil dose
of yer sk mixture
get you back on top
in no time….

sometimes i wonder why im writing this blogge
yep, that must account for some of it
im just hooked on the instantaneity of the
whole thing..
i write this
and next second
you read it
from wherever
and theres a lotta strange places pop up
on the olde monitor
all over the world
i guess thats gotten me addicted
im putting so much time into this damn thing
spending an hour a dayin fronta a ray spitting computer
just to tell ya
technology sucks
ha ha
i dunno
i had some bigge habits in my day
but this blogge got its hooks in me
its a challenge to overcome
evry day

lots going on w/ the band
everything in flux
nothing concrete to reveal
things being lined up etc
takin’ care o bizness etc
i dunno
im very superficial
i hate any thing official
i cant stand the details
i hate the fine print
i never read the instructions
and i cant concentrate
on stuff im not interested in
i actually need a holiday
i need to unwind

oh no
the awful mundanity of the jet
have just intruded on my thoughts
oh god
the inane ordinariness of it all
whatever happened to my rocknroll?

i dunno
its like green kryptonite
its makin me weak
i know we been thru all this before..
fuck it
i cannot
i will not
with this goin’ on
i am abandoning this plaice forever
i will find another cafe
where its silent
im sorry
you cant expect me to operate under these conditions

i love you
i know todays entry was
i will be back
with some choice stuff soon

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