posted on December 10, 2009 at 6:07 am

under a summer leaden sky
oppressively hanging down
wake up in darkness of a strange room
pull open curtains
we in some weird motel
people work on the gardens
theres a tennis court
theres a pool
theres a little bridge
i walk out over the grass
an ant immediately bites my big toe
and a bindi gets stuck in my foot (a small thorny weed)
all around australian nature presses in
omniscient omnipotent
the cicadas wail away in the trees
i feel rough
old and achey
check the internet
no internet
i watch tv for a while
a tv show about a bondi vet
and a dog who swallowed a whole ham
n threw up until its eyes popped out
(i kid you not)
and dogs peeing on the xmas tree
(great balls of fire!)
last night….
last night was hard work
crammed together on a tiny stage
we bump into each other incessantly
we dont feel like we’re loud enuff
my monitors start playing up
n i feel like chucking the whole thing in
a long way from the glamour of the big shows
like a showbiz trooper i persevere
(what choice did i have?)
we get thru
no second encore tho
i immediately go downstairs n have a nap
until its all over
n we drive off in the quiet darkness
to find our strange hotel
is a lovely venue in newk-ass-hell
2 nights sold out…big deal…..
meanwhile a new showbiz opportunity has arisen for yer humble hero
man the offers are flowing in thicknfast
will let you know more as it comes to hand
gee i wont have to be a postie just yet
that will disappoint our obsessive pest i guess
sitting backstage
waiting to sound cheque
see ya 2morro

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